By Kyle Laugh

By Kyle Laugh

Last Week In Horror : July 16th - July 22nd, 2018






Scream Factory’s #SDCC Reveals Include ‘Critters,’ ‘Candyman’ and ‘The Craft’!


“One of the most exciting things about San Diego Comic Con every year is the Friday night Scream Factory panel, where upcoming releases are teased for the very first time. Like toy company NECA, Scream Factory *never* lets us down at SDCC, and this year is no exception.

During their panel, Scream Factory announced a handful of incredibly exciting upcoming Blu-ray releases, including faves Candyman, The Craft and the Critters Collection!”

Source: Bloody Disgusting





'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' Inclusive Reboot in the Works With Joss Whedon


“20th Century Fox Television, who produced the original Joss Whedon drama, has offered a new take on the beloved Sarah Michelle Gellar drama in development. Writer Monica Owusu-Breen, who worked with Whedon on ABC's Agents of SHIELD, has been hired to pen the adaptation and serve as showrunner on the reboot.

Whedon will be an executive producer on the series and has been working with Owusu-Breen on the script, which features a black actress stepping into the role of Buffy made famous by Gellar.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter





James Wan says third Annabelle film is 'basically A Night at the Museum, with Annabelle!'


“I’m still finalizing the script, but it really picks up with the Warrens bringing Annabelle to the place where it can really no longer wreak havoc, which is their artifact room,” said Dauberman at the end of the evening. “But, of course, it turns out she can also wreak havoc there. And she really awakens the evil within that room and they target the Warrens’ 10-year-old daughter, Judy. So, that’s the set-up.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly






Is Joe Bob Briggs Coming Back For Another Round At The Drive-In?


After the massive success of the “The Last Drive-In” hosted by fan favorite Joe Bob Briggs, Shudder teased the possibility of another marathon for later on this year!

Source: Shudders Official Instagram account










Evil Dead II Getting the Steelbook / Blu-Ray 4K Treatment


“There’s really no introduction needed for this one. The release includes 4K and Blu-ray discs, and will be available from October 29th. We’ve been told this is a 4K master rather than an upscale, and that the final product will have the spine lettering the right way up.

Pre-orders will be live from around 6pm UK time on Sunday July 22nd”

Source: Steelbook Blu-Ray






Creepshow anthology series coming from Shudder, Walking Dead EP Greg Nicotero


“A homage to the horror comics of the 1950s, the original Creepshow featured segments written by Stephen King and was directed by a fellow horror legend, Night of the Living Dead filmmaker George A. Romero. The movie starred Hal Holbrook, Adrienne Barbeau, Leslie Nielsen, Ed Harris, and King himself, and it spawned two sequels and a spin-off comic. Shudder is owned by AMC Networks (home of The Walking Dead) and specializes in thriller, suspense, and horror fare.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly






Our House

Release: July 27th, 2018

Format: VOD

In the film, a young genius accidentally invents a device that amplifies the paranormal activity within his family’s house, possibly bringing back the spirits of loved ones, and unleashing things far worse.











The Row

Release: July 27th, 2018

Format: VOD

With a serial killer preying upon girls on campus, Riley, an incoming freshman, finds herself entangled in a sinister plot involving a dark secret at the sorority that she pledged, while her father, Cole – the detective investigating the case – must uncover the identity of the killer before it’s too late…and Riley becomes the next victim.










Dead Night

Release: July 27th, 2018

Format: VOD

James and his wife Casey load up their two teenage kids and head out to a remote cabin in Oregon for a weekend trip. When James heads into the snowy forest in search of firewood, he encounters an enigmatic woman passed out in the snow. Bringing her back to the cabin for help, the family has no way of knowing that the woman's presence is the catalyst for a series of events that will change their lives forever.





Horror At The Box-Office


The Horror continues over at your local movie theater with the top ten being loaded with goodies from and inspired by the genre.


Although it’s the only new genre entry this week, “Unfriended: Dark Web” did not make much of a splash bringing in just shy of $3.5 million and placing in ninth on the board. Considering the reported budget was $1 million, this is still a win for Blumhouse and an easy way to ensure funding for more future projects and considering the positive reviews i’ve heard thus far, I would expect Blumhouse to push the film into more theaters come next week.

The rest of the “Horror films” on the board are “Hotel Transylvania III” which is in the 3rd spot, “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” drops to 6th and “The First Purge” which has dropped to 8th but is still making some impressive waves.



Indie Horror Support



Paranormal Documentary Series “ Monsters & Maniacs”


“Monsters & Maniacs is the title of a video series I hope to make. So many paranormal investigation shows rely on jump scares and internet research. What makes Monsters & Maniacs different is that I want to put a focus on eye witness testimonies and real history. I will interview real people who work and live at the haunted locations and get have them tell their own personal ghost stories.”

Source: Kickstarter






Paid In Blood - Horror, Slasher, Thriller

“How-To Re-Boot the Slasher Genre:


Take all the best iconic villain traits, kills and jump scares of the 80's and 90's slasher films. Mix them with today's version of 'smart' horror.  Have the Protagonist make smarter decisions. Make the Antagonist more creative. Combine old-school horror icons and scream queens with the new-age up-and-comers. Sprinkle a lot of social media influences and Voila, you have "PAID IN BLOOD"

Ever wonder what FRIDAY THE 13th meets UNFRIENDED looks like? Then keep reading.”

Source: Indiegogo






I live in Texas. It’s 110 degrees right now…literally. I receive daily extreme heat text alerts on my phone. And yet, as I’m writing this, it’s officially only 100 days until Halloween. In another couple of months, the temperatures will finally drop, the leaves will start to fall off the trees, pumpkins will be harvested, and the best time of the year will be upon us.

It’s the time I, like most horror fans, wait impatiently for all year long. And it’s never too early to start preparing. To that end, I’ve got an absolutely killer shop recommendation for you to help you get in the Fall spirit early and prepare you for those chilly days and nights ahead.

I recently discovered The Black Fox Gallery, and to say I’m head over heels in love would be an understatement.

I was introduced to this, one of my new favorite shops, as a result of their participation in a couple of important fundraising efforts I was honored to be a part of. I started following them on Instagram and was immediately impressed with the quality of their work — including original art prints, enamel pins, and stunning hand-knitted scarves.

I’ve also had the opportunity to get to know one half of the talented team behind this wonderfully unique shop. And I can tell you this shop owner is incredibly kind, generous, supportive, and an active member of the Horror and indie community. As I’ve said before, I know that’s not important to everyone, but it means the world to me — and it’s a critical part of why I so passionately support small business over corporations and larger, faceless companies.

But I know what really matters most is the quality of the products and knowing your hard earned money is well spent. So let me tell you that I finally took advantage of a recent sale to purchase a Beetlejuice scarf I’ve had my eye on. It looked so great in the pictures. But the true test was when it arrived.

I was blown away by how gorgeous the scarf was in person and how expertly crafted it was. It’s honestly worth so much more than what I paid. It comes in three different sizes, and I got the medium one — which was perfect. It’s so versatile and can be worn lots of different ways. And it looks absolutely amazing on.

It’s also the most comfy, snuggly thing imaginable. Even in the sweltering heat of Summer, I wrapped it around my neck and wore it for hours before I could bring myself to take it off. So, come Fall, I’m living in this thing!

Besides this killer wardrobe essential, they have lots of other must have products in their Etsy shop at And be sure to follow them on Instagram at @theblackfoxgallery.


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