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Top 14 Horror Movies That Bug Me

Human/bug hybrids. That's this week's topic.

A couple of these movies are more Sci-Fi than Horror, but fuck it, insects and arachnids are different but they're both bugs. So there's my argument. Let's crawl into this list and have some fun!!!

Spoilers as always









Sick Girl (2006) - Masters Or Horror S01 E01

Took me 3 times watching this film to fully appreciate it. Lucky McKee is a peculiar movie maker. I respect that but I always have to re-watch his movies before I get the feel down to catch on to what he's doing. "Sick Girl" is a brave move on his part. Human/bug hybrid movies are rarely successful compared to other Horror sub-genres. Lucky Mckee had freedom to do what he wanted and it's interesting to see this story play out. A short breakdown - One of the two main girls gets bitten by a rare, aggressive bug, I believe specified as an insect not an arachnid and slowly mutates into a hybrid bug creature. Check it out, although the ending may have you buggin' out!




The Nest (1988)

Mimic before Mimic! These long living, secretly mutated roaches will ruin your life! They kill, and imitate what they kill at will. Uhhhh, I fuckin loath bugs but I do like facing my fears, so this post should help. But seeing the roaches scatter around this whole movie literally make my skin feel like what they do...crawl!!! As I twitch while writing this I must bring up the fact that there is a human, roach hybrid...maybe even a tri-hybrid at the end of this film. Dis-fuckin-custing.




Bite (2015)

A semi slow burner that turns into a classy dish. Our main character gets an insect bite and of course turns in to an insect herself. The movie surprisingly delivers quality acting and gore. Get through the first 15-20 minutes and you'll be rewarded. Kinda like getting through a shitty appetizer to get to the juicy steak dinner waiting for your taste buds to do a jig.




Men In Black (1997)

I don't like this movie. I only watched it once but I didn't like it at all to be honest. I can't deny the special fx though. Well done for the time. Rick Baker always out-shined KNB in my Horror obsessed mind. Anyway there are aliens in this movie that take the skin of dogs, cats, and of course humans. Again, not fond of the movie, but very fond of the SFX work.




Meet The Applegates (1990)

What a fuckin strange movie...but I did like it as a kid. I haven't seen it in a while but I remember this piece of cinema being anomalous and mind-boggling which had me drawn to it though. These alien insects are a family of Brazilian Praying Mantises. They learn to fit into human culture and adapt to it which leads to them ditching their devious plans to blow up a power plant. This movie is stranger than I just made it sound. Fuck it, watch it if you've never seen it.




Lost In Space (1998)

Stephen Hopkins is a good director. "Nightmare on Elm St. 5" "Predator 2" and this movie..."Lost in Space" a remake of a TV show from the 60's.  Hopkins knows how to film horrific visions. On top of that Gary Oldman is one my favorite actors. He does what actors should do, play different characters in each film he's in. He's bold and his spider/dude hybrid is something to gawk at even if the movie isn’t as good as it could have been.




The Wasp Woman (1995)

Roger Corman is all I have to say... Just kidding. But his name (if you know your "Horror") should tell you all you need to know about this movie. The story is stupid but the Wasp Woman makeup is great. I'd watch it a again just because I know I'll laugh my ass off and be stress free for an hour. The 1995 version is equally cheesy and has an awesome penis biting scene.




Ticks aka Infested (1993)

A bug movie with Carlton from "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Clint Howard from every bad movie you've ever seen...I'm in automatically. Ticks are nasty business in real life..I mean a lot of bugs are but usually by bites or stings. As we all know, the motha fuckin cock suckas burrow themselves into your flesh. Wtf if up with that? They even look dangerous to me in their small or large form. Any way, Brian Yuzna who does no wrong in my eyes produced this juicy tick flick and the body gore does indeed deliver. Carlton dances to the beat of a different drum in this movie.




Mansquito (2005)

Another cheap ass TV bug movie that's got some pretty good reviews, and to be honest, it deserves the goodness it gets. This transformation scene is the mosquito equivalent to "An American Werewolf in London".  Bravo to the whole crew for making this movie and this particular scene so blood suckingly and visually striking. Those legs and ankles stretching got me stretching my legs out to see if I can mimic this Mansquito and crack some bones.




Mimic (1997)

"It's got more than 4 legs so it's not a mammal" No shit motha fucka... Norman Reedus is perfect at delivering corny or cheesy lines. Guillermo Del Toro is perfect at making "Monster" movies. He is well loved for many positive reasons. The dude that played "Roc" in the early 90s show "Roc" plays a cop and has an intensity to him in every film I've seen him in. He goes out with dignity in this movie and Josh Brolin's death scene seems to be the most remembered. I love the subway scene where the human size cockroach looks like he has a long coat on but it's really his big ass wings...yes cockroaches have wings. It's weird, the bigger the bug, the less gross they are to me. Having said that I'd scream like a bitch if I saw this large cock...roach coming at me. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!




The Mummy Returns (2001)/ The Scorpion King (2002)

I ranked this one fairly high due to the coolness of this design. The beginning stages of "The Rock" kicking his way through the asses that dare get in his way. The CGI was looked at as pretty cool at the time, kind of shitty by today's standards but I don't admire computer generated anything anyway. There are much better ways to execute a scorpion/man hybrid but still, mucho points for the hard hitting idea.




The Fly (1986)

You know damn well we gotta go with Jeff Goldblum. David Cronenberg hit what I would like to call a mega grand-slam. The directing, makeup and acting were perfecto. The writing too. Gina Davis gives a solid performance but seriously, Goldblum's transformation rightfully steals the show. I love "The Simpsons" parody of the original too. This story is a winner all the way around.




A Nightmare on Elm St. Part 4 The Dream Master (1988)

Cockroach humans are the way to go!!! And this has got to be the best cockroach/human hybrid ever shot on film. Not saying it's the best idea on this list but just the way the scene begins and ends is exquisite. The actress that turns, falls face first in some...fuckin goo that I wouldn't wanna step in never mind trip and dip my face in. Her face drop speeds up her mutation/transformation and she ends up in a roach motel hahahaha. "You can check in, but you can't check out"




Leprechaun 4: In Space (1996)

This franchise even though many people love it is still unfairly underrated. These movies are way better than they have any business being. I actually prefer all the sequels to the original. Part 4 is no exception. It starts off slower than some of the other sequels but stick around to the end, you will be in for a pleasant surprise. I'll tell you and show you why. This character Dr. Mitten-hand who's already fucked up by being only a head, half chest, and an arm, gets even more fucked up by being injected through the brain with a tarantula/scorpion juice blend. read that right and I described it right. We have another tri-hybrid on our toes. This creature effect is unbelievable. The thought is distressful but humorous at the same time. All the "In Space" Horror movie sequels get bad reps but they all deliver in this mofo's ojos.
Fuck yeah!!!


Did you like these? Which are your favorites? Would you add anything? Let us know in the comment section below!

Once again this is Dr.LoveGore saying peace out my Horror friends. I'll see you all next week with another fucked up list from my vomitous mind!!!


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