Beyond The Void Horror Podcast


Join Alex & Britni. One musician & one make up artist/performer. They love to drink and joke their way through their episodes.  This sure isn't your daddy's podcast.. so you might want to get your earmuffs out cupcake.

The cast includes weekly horror themed alcohol shots for their #horrorshot segment. They also do a fun new creative exercise segment called #GravePlots where they make up movies on the spot and make up some pretty cool faux vhs covers for them too. They cover current horror news, upcoming/new releases, contests and a lot more.  They even do interviews with Directors, writers and programmers for games.  Typically those are pretty in depth interviews. 

If you like approachable horror addicts that you could call a friend with an interest in Music, Games, Scripts and obviously Horror Movies. Then look no further. Buckle the F%#K up and sit back as we pass through laughter town Beyond The Void Horror Podcast.



Alex is has been making music for years and a horror fan for even longer. He is the front -man and producer for the band BLAKOPZ and has worked on numerous musical projects over the years. He is currently working on an unnamed synthwave side project. You know that music between the segments in the podcast?  Yeah he wrote those.  His end goal would be to create score music for horror movies.  While he's not making music he's usually working and slaving away on the podcast.  Alex doesn't try to take too much seriously and constantly messes with everyone he meets.  It's all in good fun of course. 


Britni just joined but is well versed in the art of fucked up. She is a make-up artist that loves to paint her face up for horror events or just a night out on town. She has dabled and knows some practical fx movie magic.  She's also a freak show performer in The Agents Of Lust and an all around bad ass.   Somehow she manages to fit the show into her busy schedule and we are very happy to have her around. She doesn't hold back many punches and can at times out shine Alex in the fuckedupness part.  She has a voice and she's gonna fucking use it.  So listen up Monsters and Stay weird!