By Kyle Laugh

By Kyle Laugh

“Midnight Movie” is a 2008 horror / comedy film which follows a group of moviegoers who become trapped in a film theater, only to be stalked and hunted down, one at a time by a mysterious killer.


The screenplay written and directed Jack Messitt (his one and only direction gig) and stars Rebekah Brandes (Slaughter Party, Evil Ever After, Succubus: Hell Bent), Daniel Bonjour (Frequency, IZombie, The Walking Dead), Mandell Maughan (Prison Break: Proof Of Innocence, Me, Myself and I) and Brea Grant (Dexter, Rob Zombie's Halloween II, Beyond The Gates)

The creators clearly have a love for the genre as they throw in several different nods to the genre including the “Psycho” peeping tom scene and a “re-imagining” if you will, of the van break down scene from “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and set to seemingly resemble the Giallo film “Demons” just to name a few of the more prominent homages being played out in the film.

If we were to discuss the story, I would have to first point out that it is a little jumbled and confusing at times. The opening gives viewers a clear picture of who our antagonist and what he is capable of doing in the means of murder, destruction and chaos. As the story unfolds however, this simple idea turns into something of a ridiculous nature leaving me with many questions which end up unanswered by the time the credits roll.


Typically in films of this nature, slasher fans are expecting an array of kills, tons of gore and large amounts of violence. Surprisingly for “Midnight Movie” they decided to stick with a more realistic look to things and while most of the kills are quick and basic, there is a small number of them which go over the top in ridiculousness which can either be a plus or a negative depending on your personal outlook. I felt alright with most of what I had seen but one kill (involving a few electrical currents) did nothing but throw me out of the moment.


As a plus, I was impressed with the aforementioned references of the genre that were made as they clearly weren't trying to rip anything off but just display their love for some of their favorite films which likely pushed them in the direction of film-making in the first place, while trying to ensure fans could get a good laugh out of what they were providing. While seeing the same kills taking place over and over again, sometimes, even in the same scene, I found myself losing interest quite quickly when these things would take place. I'm not saying it was the writing, as it was likely due to the budget but in any case, to me, repetition of this nature is a faux pas in cinematic pieces but I did have fun watching nonetheless.

You may be hard pressed to actually find the film as it's not overly popular, but if you get the opportunity whether it be through a physical copy or streaming service, I think it's well worth checking it out if only for the comedic references to a handful of fan favorite horror’s.


6 out of 10.




Kyle is an all around lover of horror. Mainstream, Underground and more! He's passionate about the community we all belong to. 



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