Do you remember "The Johnsons" (1992)

Do you remember "The Johnsons" (1992)


So while I was doing some research and reminiscing about weird little horror movie gems for us to talk about on the podcast. I stumbled upon a crowdfunding documentary for the Dutch horror film "The Johnsons" (1992). Good news for fans of this film. The doc about it was fully funded!    

"The Johnsons" was directed by Rudolf Van Den Berg and as some of you remember the story was pretty insane.  At times it reminded me of early Shaw Brothers movies with crazy gore and lighting.  It kicks off with septuplets brothers covered in copious amounts of blood covering the walls in what seems to be a hospital.  The official synopsis from the DVD cover is as follows. 

"When a National Geographic photographer is commissioned to photograph Holland's marshy wilderness, she takes along her teenage daughter who is suffering from fantastic nightmares. At the same time a professor discovers that according to an ancient Indian legend one of their gods will beget seven sons who will impregnate their sister in a fatal ritual. The professor becomes determined to intervene before a monstrous creature will be born to the unknowing girl." 


Well while some of the horror community was engaged in other news and projects the crowdfunded documentary for this movie "Xangadix Lives!" was successfully funded on Oct 16th 2017.  Some of the crowd funding rewards from CineCrowd were Thank you credit in the film, totebags, art prints, ticket to the screening in Amsterdam and even a photo shoot with the freak God baby Xangadix himself.


Part of me wishes that I knew about all of this ahead of time as I was a moderately decent fan of this weird little flick.  It seems that this project has been all but overlooked by many horror outlets and the horror community.  You know how the internet works. Sometimes the news gets overlooked but it gets out even if it's a little late to show your support.  I'm fairly sure there are a few fans of this little odd gem out there

In any case,  It's been a little while since I have seen it but I remember there being quite a bit of oddities tucked into it's story.   I've reached out to the makers of the documentary to see if we can secure an interview or a peek at the new documentary about this film.  I will let you know if we hear back when we do. 

Until then give the trailer for the documentary trailer "Xangadix Lives!" and sound off in the comments if you remember this movie.  The documentary tells the crazy happenings that took place while making the film and it looks fascinating to me. 

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