Screenplay was written by Barry Keating and Milan Konjevic based on a story by Loris Curci and it's directed by Patricio Valladares. The film stars Jason London, Robert Englund, Lorina Kamburova and Gianni Capaldi and as of this writing, has a 4.7 rating on IMDB and. 76% approval rating by Google users.


A confusing and drawn out story which seemingly refuses to answer some of the questions it's own lead character poses throughout the length of the film and leaves viewers scratching their heads wondering what the hell they just watched.

Nightworld was something I was attracted to only because of the actors involved, those being Jason London playing the lead Brett and legend of the genre, Robert Englund who plays a blind man named Jacob. With the thought of these two together, I felt that they must have made somewhat of a decent film and jumped in without any research nor having seen a trailer or having even heard anything about it.

Unfortunately for me, I got caught in an hour and a half of unexplained non-sense which, as previously mentioned, had dragged on for what felt like hours. So much so that I had to take it in over three separate viewings with each time being just as boring, if not more than the last.


From an acting standpoint, things seemed mediocre with the best performance coming from Lorina Kamburova in one of the later scenes.

There are very few effects which is fine as the story doesn't really require them but the ones which are used as done fairly well. I do honestly feel that the film was lacking a couple of scenes in which either jump scares could have been used in order to add something to the viewing experience in order to make it more tolerable of a watch.

As a plus however, especially seeing as I don't like having everything be negative, I will admit that the opening scenery is beautiful and the lighting throughout the majority of the film does set a good mood. Then again, even with a proper mood, if you don't have anything to go with it, you're not going to get the desired effect a horror film should provide.

On a final note, which includes a spoiler for you: A proper explanation as to what was happening come the film's end would have been a decent pay off and likely could have change my opinion of the film. In place, they cheated out with a "we will explain everything to you later" line which I freaking hate seeing in any form of entertainment.


My anticipation for something to happen thanks to the beginning's build up, I was actually expecting something much bigger or at least something the likes of something different and more sinister.

As a suggestion, I would advise you to stay away from viewing Nightwatch unless you're looking for something to aid you in getting to sleep.

3 out of 10.


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