By Dr.LoveGore

By Dr.LoveGore


I've heard it takes the same amount of pressure to bite through a human finger as it does a carrot. I don't know if it's true...I just remember hearing it. So, you better watch who you flip-off. With that thought in mind, why don't we take a look at…

The Top 8 Finger Biting Scenes In Horror


Spoilers Ahead

8. The Shape Of Water.gif

8. The Shape Of Water (2017)

As usual, we're starting with the least effective entry. This is the only scene on this list where we only see the aftermath of the fingers that were bit off. We're not left untreated, though. During a fight scene where the antagonists rips off his sewn on fingers, the shock value is equally impressive as if we were to see it when his fingers were actually bitten off.

7. Demonic Toys.gif

7. Demonic Toys (1992)

Ahhhhh....the 90's. Such a rare time for culture, Horror movies especially. You know, that early part of the decade where people thought a new 90's approach was kicking in, but the 80's were still present in a lot of the clothing and themes. I fuckin love that period. The Horror genre at the time was suffering from certain groups in society deeming our beloved genre to either be dead, or to call most genre films, Thrillers - fuck that word. "Demonic Toys" is a Horror movie all the way. It's funny, but it's nasty, too. I recommend it. The fingers being bit off in this GIF is just a fraction of bodily mutilations that take place in this movie.

6. Scarecrows.gif

6. Scarecrows (1988)

This is an odd toned movie. It feels like one of those films that had behind the scenes arguments over what sub-genre it should be. It starts off as a crime-drama, and slowly turns into a slasher movie. The little bit of gore is does have is nothing to fart or cough at. This window diving, finger biting scene is solid proof of that.

5. Teeth.gif

5. Teeth (2007)

Oh my goodness! This movie just has to exist...doesn't it.? "Teeth" had a job to do. That job was to be a movie about a vagina with teeth without being so fuckin stupid the viewer turns it off after the first act. Filmmakers can make any subject work if they understand the material and effectuate it correctly. However, this is still a silly subject and this scene is rib-tickling. It could have to do with the vagina only biting off fingers instead of penises in this particular part.

4. The Walking Dead.gif

4. The Walking Dead [Se 3 Ep 15] (2013)

It's usually a zombie doing the flesh eating in this show...but not this time! The Governor goes full Walker by biting Merle's fingers off the one hand he has left then spitting them out like two day old breakfast sausages. It was monstrous seeing this happen to a character so tough - one who cut off his own hand on the very first episode. To cause more shitty feelings, the Governor put a bullet in Merl's chest to leave him as a Walker for his brother to find.

3. Demons.gif

3. Demons (1985)

Other than disgusting (because of all the pus this movie squirts at us) "Demons" is a fun, fun hour and a half of visual pleasure. Rules don't mean anything...ask the sequel, a dead character from part 1 shows up as a different character, but looking exactly the same...handlebar moustache and all. This movie has balls for many reasons. Even the finger scene, it's a human biting a demon's fingers off. Not sure why....I doubt the demon felt it, but I like it, because it's bloody as fuck.

2. Re-Animator.gif

2. Re-Animator (1985)

This movie has so much blood and gore, I can't remember every gag in the film no matter how many times I watch it. This scene is so powerful because it happens to the dad of the protagonist's girlfriend, whose approval the protagonist is desperately seeking. Don't think he won any points for this moment.


1. Santa Clarita Diet (2017)

1. Santa Clarita Diet.gif

Goofy zombies have been the latest trend. We have the regular-threat zombie movies like World War Z, Resident Evil, and we have super dramatized zombie films like "Maggie" and "Exit Humanity." Then, we also have comical, ditsy zombie flicks like "Warm Bodies" and "Fido." Even t.v. shows like Z-Nation got in on the goofiness, and of course, "Santa Clarita Diet."

I like my zombies semi serious, but this show has enough blood thrown around to balance out how silly it is. I give it this number one spot because Drew Barrymore's "Sheila" character has a great look of pleasure and satisfaction while chewing human fingers, and there's so much blood.


Honorable Mention

RAW (2016) [Alex’s Mention]


Both Dr.LoveGore & I discussed this scene in depth. He had previously thought of including it. It’s one of the gnarliest finger eating scenes out, but the main character does not bite the fingers off. So, we included it in the Honorable Mentions.


Honorable Non Horror Mentions

Jack Reacher (2012)

Jack Reacher.gif

Dude talks about how he had to chew his fingers off, then shows his nubs...close enough for me.


The Interview (2014)

The Interview.gif

Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King (2003)

Lord Of The Rings _ The Return Of The King.gif

Charlie Bit My Finger (2007)

Charlie Bit My Finger.gif


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