By Dr.LoveGore

By Dr.LoveGore


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Dr.LoveGore's Top 5 Favorite Horror Films Of 2018


In no particular order.

#5 Halloween.gif


I liked the idea of the director of "Pineapple Express" along with one of the 'Pineapple Express" actors being behind this new "Halloween" movie. I still would like to see what Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier would have come up with, too. As far as Danny McBride and David Gordon Green's was interesting. Truth is....I do think it could have been a little bit better, but it could of been a whole lot fuckin worse. The opening credits kicked booty.

4. A Quiet Place.gif

A Quiet Place

The gimmick of this movie sounds like a 50/50 idea. It sounds so smart, but also sounds like it could be fucked up pretty bad if not handled properly. Director John Krasinsky did his homework and hand-delivered a pleasing execution that throws some dignity to the Horror genre.

3. You might be the killer.jpg

You Might Be The Killer

I didn't think I was gonna like this when the movie's first scene played. Fran Kranz gets sickening playing the same character, give or take a couple traits each Horror movie. The film lets the audience know fairly quickly what's going on, and from there I just rode with it. Kranz didn't bother me as much as I thought he would, and I dug the movie as a whole. Worth a second watch.

2. Upgrade.gif


To me, "Upgrade" is a Horror flick. This movie gives you the feeling that makes you remember why sitting through shitty, or mediocre movies is worth it. Eventually, you get an "Upgrade." It's Leigh Whannell's best film he's been involved with aside from the original "Saw," for sure. Every minute of this movie is tense, interesting, or entertaining. Bloody SFX are tossed at us, too, at a pretty healthy rate. Bring on Whannell films!

_1 The Predator.gif

The Predator

I usually love movies that know what they are in terms of ridiculousness.  Shane Black and Fred Dekker's "The Predator" is the 2018 movie that knows that about itself. There's a lot of surprises in the cast, and the fun to be had from the first second to the last, makes this movie a winner!


Honorable Mentions




I felt like I was cheating adding this movie to the 2018 "Best of" list since it technically came out before 2018. I love "Terrifier," if I felt it wasn't cheating, it would have been on the list.




I like it, I just like the other 5 films better. "Hereditary" is dark, well acted, directed, written, etc... It's a good movie. Definitely would of made my top 10 list.


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