By Dr.LoveGore

By Dr.LoveGore


Naturally, most people use fire extinguishers to put out fires. I assume most households keep one handy and apartment complexes usually have one nearby. If a fire gets too out of hand, then obviously it's a job for firefighters.

As usual, though, I like to look at items used by normal folks and wonder if any Horror movies have made good or bloody use of them. Oooh yeah! This week's list is all about the...


Top 13 Fire Extinguisher Beatings In Horror


Spoilers up ahead

13. Patchwork.gif

13. Patchwork (2015)

We literally have three characters wrapped into one body in this movie. They all have different personalities, but agree on finding out how this atrocity happened to them.
In this scene, a lot of party goers get manhandled and pummeled. When the main three-in-one character finds the person they were looking for, a couple of quick beatings via a fire extinguisher delight our vision. 'Patchwork' isn't a groundbreaking film, but it certainly is fun to watch.

12 The Last House On The Left.gif

12. The Last House On The Left (2009)

The original shocked me with all that odious dialog and execrable footage. Of course... I loved it for that. The remake shocked me by it's adequate quality and dauntless attempt. This movie made my Favorite Remakes list for those attributes. Now it's making this list for a fire extinguisher to the face and stomach.

I love the Horror genre.


11. Warm Bodies (2013)

Ahhh... 'Ward Bodies' is unique in my eyes. It's a movie I've seen many people... including Horror fans, shun. I understand, though. It's easy to write this story off as a cheap, teenybopper cash-in on the Zombie genre if you haven't seen it. And it did come out on Valentine's Day if I remember correctly. But, even with those two facts, I still recommend it. Yeah, the movie could have benefited from an "R" rating, but it had enough guts (yup, that's intended) to fulfill the job of being a Horror movie.
So, here I give you a moment of a zombie beating a boney (an extra aggressive, flesh-less zombie) with a fire extinguisher.


10. I Saw The Devil (2010)

This is a movie that's good to remember you liked, but forgot how good it was, because, upon re-watching it, you know you're going to love it. It's a mean film, but it has so many "Fuck yeah!" moments, although sad moments, too, to be fair. The dialog (going by subtitles) is strong along with the acting, directing and gore.

I remember seeing for the first time, a certain taxi scene in this film, that will forever be embedded in my memory for its visceral bewilderment. But, let's get back to what this list is all about. The hero comes in at the right moment to stop the villain from continuing his rape and eventual murder by smashing him in the face with a fire extinguisher. And that is one of the many "Fuck yeah!" moments I was talking about.

9. Slither.gif

9. Slither (2006)

'Slither' is filled with funny/gory moments. It's also a well-made movie from a writing and directing standpoint. Really, though, all the elements work. From the cast, right down to the bloody violence.

In this head-bashing moment, a slug-infected deer attacks the chief of police only to get its melon crushed by one of the chief's fellow head-bashing acquaintances. There's so many more moments like this throughout the film, it's impossible to be bored while watching it.

8. Puppet Master 2.gif

8. Puppet Master 2 (1990)

The killer in this scene is so small that the fire extinguisher had to be thrown at him for him to catch a beating. Speaking of which, anybody, including a killer puppet with a flamethrower as an arm, has got to expect an extinguisher to at least, be sprayed at them from time to time. And if they're trying to kill people, chances are they may even catch one to the face and/or body.

I'm not being facetious at all… I swear.

7. I, Madman.gif

7. I, Madman (1989)

This is among many 80's “slasher” films we can thank Scream Factory for releasing on Blu Ray. There's not much to say without giving too much away. The female lead is played by Jenny Wright from 'Near Dark'. And the male lead by Clayton Rohner from 'April Fool's Day'.

Here is a GIF from a scene that has both these actors, a maniacal killer, and a Jackal Boy that gets smashed in the face with a fucking fire extinguisher. Give 'I, Madman’ a watch if you want to see how all those elements came together.


6. Alien (1979)

I didn't see this coming, much like the milk-spitting android in this scene. Officer Ripley is about to have her ass handed to her, when a fellow crew member of hers jumps in and saves the day with our weapon of choice this week. If it were bloodier, this head-bash would have risen a little higher on this list. It's still cool as fuck, though. Especially when the android starts twitching.

5. Cooties.gif

5. Cooties (2015)

How could our world not have a movie with Rainn Wilson bashing zombie children? It couldn't, therefore, it happened.

On top of that happy fact, Elijah Wood is a huge Horror fan and it's always good to see him pumping out genre films, whether starring, producing or pulling double-duty in them like he did here.
In 'Cooties', there's a virus that turns a school full of very young children in to flesh eaters. The adults are more immune to the virus, but need to stand clear of these little, hungry fuckers. It's risible, it's ferocious and has Dwight... I mean, Rainn Wilson bashing an infected kid's skull in with a fire extinguisher.

4. Cold Prey 2.gif

4. Cold Prey 2 (2008)

I haven't seen the 'Cold Prey' films in a while. Truth-be-told: I was hoping to like them more than I did. They have fun moments, I just unfortunately got myself kinda hyped when I first heard about them. When I hear "slasher" I can't help but get super excited. I am a fair man, though, and I enjoy giving credit where it's due.

These aren't goofy films. The killer doesn't fuck around. The tone is serious and the kills are meant to hit hard. I had to put this death scene in here, the timing of the blood splatter makes the beating feel "real".

3. Shaun Of The Dead.gif

3. Shaun Of The Dead (2004)

I think everybody's seen 'Shaun Of The Dead'. And other than 'Zombieland', I'm not sure another Zombie-Comedy can hold a bloody candle to it. Director, Edgar Wright is clearly a "zombie" movie fan and a lover of the Horror genre, in general.

Now, I'm not crazy about Musicals, but Wright staged and filmed this scene perfectly, which itself is basically a mini Musical. I remember scoffing back in '04 when I heard the title of this film. Was this a lame filmmaker trying to sneakily make money off of George A. Romero's sub-genre? Nope, it was a Horror fan with passion making an amazing Horror movie.

How about a zombie being beaten to the tune of 'Queens' "Don't Stop Me Now"? Yes please!

2. Cabin Fever 2.gif

2. Cabin Fever 2 (2009)

This movie can make a motha fucka puke. I'm used to it by now, but, oh man, it was a hard first-watch. I've mentioned a friend of mine in the past I've known since the first grade, who doesn't like Horror. Some of his exceptions are 'Wrong Turn’ and the 'Cabin Fever' movies. And I agree with him that, they're funny. They can also make you go to the nearest clinic and have your whole body tested for every disease in the world. The beating you witness in this GIF is actually a welcomed bashing. It's a moment where the bloodshed isn't directly related to the flesh-eating virus.


1. Irreversible (2002)


If you know cinema, then you knew this was gonna be number one. Oddly enough, it was 'Patchwork' that gave me the idea for this list, but in the next moment, I immediately thought of 'Irreversible’. I got overjoyed trying to think of scenes that even came close to the one in this movie. 'Cabin Fever 2' came the closest, but it still didn't top the king of all fire extinguisher beatings.

When people talk about 'Irreversible', they mention the rape and this bashing scene. I'm also mentioning this, because, the rape scene is extremely disturbing and powerful. I've only watched it in its entirety once, that's enough for me, but for the fire extinguisher beating to be mentioned just as much, it has to be just as powerful or extremely close, at the very least. If you haven't seen this film and care to, be warned, the alley rape is brutal and unmerciful. It is a solid flick, though, if you can stomach it.


This is Dr.LoveGore, I'll see you guys next week. Remember, fire extinguishers are only for putting out fires. Peace ✌



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