By Matt Rogerson

By Matt Rogerson



A month of David Cronenberg


Every Thursday in June (and the first Thurs of July) , Matt Rogerson will be taking an in-depth look at the long, body-horror-soaked career of Canadian Auteur and Cult Provocateur, the man the Village Voice called him "the most audacious and challenging narrative director in the English-speaking world": David Cronenberg.

Here’s what’s coming up this month:

June 14th - A Body in Transformation: For Pride month, Matt highlights the work of a number of queer genre writers in discussion of Cronenberg’s bodily transformation themes.

June 21st - Let’s Get Clinical: A deep dive into the director’s obsession with the medical and surgical, with infection and corruption of the body.


June 28th - Adaptation: One of Cronenberg’s key strengths has always been in adapting celebrated texts and turning them into bizarre cinematic experiments. Here, we take a look at some of his most infamous adaptations.

July 4th - A Straight Story: A look at the director’s more ‘conventional’ cinematic treats, macabre melodramas that evoke the RKO classics of Val Lewton.

So join us, every Thursday in June (and the first Thurs in July), for a transgressive transmigration, a venereal vacation, a psychosexual pilgrimage into the mind of a modern master of horror.


Long Live the New Flesh!



The son of a VHS pirate, Matt Rogerson became a horror fan at a tender young age. A student of the genre, he is currently writing his first book (about Italian horror and the Vatican) and he believes horror cinema is in the middle of a new golden age.


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