By Dr.LoveGore

By Dr.LoveGore

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Hello everybody who may be feasting their eyes on this awesome fuckin Horror page! My name is Dr.LoveGore and I'm the newest member here on and I'm happier than a buffalo with real wings! Fuck, that should be a b-movie.. Anyway, I'll be posting a new list every Wednesday on the Beyond The Void Horror Podcast's website and I hope you guys stick around and enjoy some lists with me & the BTV crew! 


Top 11 Elevator Scenes In Horror Movies!!!


                   ******* Spoilers in this post******* 



This list is in no particular order


1. Dressed to kill

Dressed To kill.gif

I saw this for the first time this year and it has its moments.. (not De Palma's best work, probably not his worst) but this scene definitely makes this movie...for me anyway. It's shot well which is no surprise if you're familiar with De Palma's work but it's also a vicious slasher movie death scene that hits hard. I wish the rest of the movie was as good as this scene but, at least this scene can be gawked at over and over again.


2. Final Destination 2


"I don't wanna die!" are the last words we hear this poor woman speak before she gets her fuckin head ripped off by the contraption that is the elevator. Not the bloodiest death by any means but effective and worthy to be on this list.




3. Deep Red


Maybe the most creative death on or by an elevator in a movie, Dario Argento is just so perfect in the way he displays his gore. "Suspiria" aside (go ahead bash me) I love every movie I've seen of Argento's. And I like "Suspiria" I just don't love it like the rest of this genius's films. But back to the throat slice necklace that was assisted by the powerful force of the elevator. If you haven't seen this movie, I recommend it, not just for the elevator scene, but for the entire movie. Masterpiece.



4. Cabin In The Woods


Good ol' "Cabin in the Woods", one of the few films that lived up to the hype in the past 10 years. I was impressed by every angle they threw into this film. Great acting, smart plot twist, funny fuckin scenes, and of course this magnificent massacre that happens after dings from the elevators are heard. This scene makes me a happy man.




    5. Silence of the lambs


    Oh man this scene disturbed me more than anything else in this film. I'm not usually a fan of "less is more" but the anticipation leading up to this scene and having no fuckin idea what is gonna happen from this point on was a legit ass hanging off the seat moment for this stiff upper lip motha fucka.




    6. From Dusk till Dawn 2

    Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 10.35.36 AM.jpg

    I love the sequels to "From Dusk till Dawn". Part 2 has a great opening sequence that caught me off guard my first time watching it. Bruce "I impregnated your daughter" Campbell and Tiffani "Hey I was on Saved by the Bell too" Thiessen get the fecal beaten out of them by a colony of bats. Scott Spiegal who is a good friend of Quentin Tarantino directed this film. The man knows how to make B pictures that really are quite entertaining.




      7. Fright Night 2


      This crazy fuckin vampire bitch scared the fuck out of me when I was a boy. My mom and my sister suggested the "Fright Night" movies to me and I've loved them ever since. I also think this is Tommy Lee Wallace's best film. It's a great sequel that hits all the right notes and has our vivacious vampire ripping through the shaft of an elevator to get to her coffin as fast as she can. She really goes to town and exposes her "morning breath" side to Peter Vincent.



      8. The Shaft


      Naomi Watts is like the white, female Sam Jackson, she's in almost every movie I watch or hear about. Fuck it, she can pull it off so why not? She does have a face more than just a mother can love. In fact I never get tired of looking at her face. Anyway, the killer elevator in this movie that tries to take down our sweet leading lady is an elevator that deserves credit. This elevator went to medical school apparently because it delivers babies through extreme heat. It also catapults a roller skater, slices up a S.W.A.T. team member and kills multiple people at one time through specific tactics that one must watch to believe. This film also mentions terrorism before the 9/11 attacks. Some even say the movie predicted the terror attacks. Who knows?



      9. Devil


        This was supposed to be M.Night Shyamalan's comeback even though he didn't direct this movie and it was pretty solid. I saw the twist a mile away but all is forgiven when you realize you're watching semi boring characters in an elevator the whole movie but yet it still goes by at decent pace.



        10. Dawn of the Dead


        Oh wow, this iconic moment is imbedded in the mushy mass I call a brain. The arms just reaching up at the camera make me feel like they're right there. I wouldn't wanna see this part in 3D...ok yeah I would haha! I've always favored "Day of the Dead" over "Dawn of the Dead" but I will not deny the visual throat punch that is this scene.



        11. Dark Water



          In what is arguably the spookiest and creepiest elevator scene ever put on film, "Dark Water" From Hideo Nakata is a swift piece of Horror cinema.
          Without being too spoilery, this scene creeped me out by the slow reveal of what's happening in the final moments of this scene. Highly recommended.

          Honorable Mentions


          The Shining
          Gremlins 2

          Honorable Non Horror Mentions

          The Departed
          Live Free or Die Hard


          I hope you guys enjoyed this list! I'll be here every Wednesday to pollute your minds with some more lists motha fuckas!!!

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