It's time for another movie making #Graveplots episode complete with sound fx! That's right this week we pulled a listeners submission! This movie title is from writer Isaac Thorne called “Wicked Moon”. We have a feeling that it wasn't what he had in mind when he made the movie title but we made a doozy of a movie up. It's about a Werewolf named Chester who fights off mutant humanoid insects that break through the earth and feed on everyone. Of course we had the Werewolf fight the insect creatures. Of course it's done in a classic B movie style. So break out the pizza and beer. Plus we update you on some of the news this past week. Let's do this!

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So grab your beer , don't forget your best friend Joe and be sure to bring your montage music as we travel Beyond The Void!

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“Wicked Moon”

Chester a lazy construction worker has a tendency to drink and to turn into a Werewolf . When the moon comes too close to the earth, it activates Yellowstone's gigantic volcano. Which sends shockwaves to the states and cracks open an underground layer of mantis like translucent pink humanoid creatures with a hunger for flesh. Chester ends up having to save Kansas City. With his trusty beer swilling buddy Joe and a tough as nails EMT from Denver named Sasha. It's Wolf vs The Apocalypse in this crazy tale where “man bites back” to save the world.





No HorrorShots this week! but check our Hereditary shot from Last weeks here! 





    1. Director McG of the Netflix movie The Babysitter is directing a new film.


      2. Pet Sematary remake is on and it looks like we know who will be playing ellie & gage creed. Not only has Pet semetary but IT chapter 2 began filming. PLUS The new Stephen King Hulu Series CASTLE ROCK is premiering at Comic-con


      3. Wes Keltner the co creator of Friday The 13th spoke more about the chances of them adding content in the future. Not looking good guys.


      4. https://www.dreadcentral.com/news/276245/friday-the-13th-meets-mean-girls-in-fat-camp-massacre/

      5. Robert Kirkman’s horror-possession series Outcast will be premiering its second season this July on Cinemax Friday, July 20 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.




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