By Dr.LoveGore

By Dr.LoveGore


10 Legal Murder Movies



The thought of legal murder may have crossed everyone's mind a time or two because we've had someone either in real life or, let's say a criminal on the news that, in our minds do not deserve to continue on breathing. This idea has probably been in people's heads  since the beginning of time. So let's take a hard stare at these movies we all wish were reality at some point. Also,  I'll crossover into the Sci-fi genre as I do once in a while.  Oh and, "The Hunger Games" is not on this list.

Spoilers in this article!


#10 The 10th Victim.gif

10. The 10th Victim (1965)

One of the earliest films to run with the idea based off a short story "The Seventh Victim" written by Robert Sheckley, published in 1953. This Italian film ”The 10th Victim” involves a game called "The Big Hunt" where members of society can join the game and hunt humans to control the population. The hunted can also reverse the role if they find out someone's trying to kill them and take them out by any means necessary, although some places prohibit the shooting of guns the way some places prohibit smoking nowadays. It's a fun watch and it's currently on for free with adds if you wanna check it out.

#9 Battle Royale.gif

9. “Battle Royale 1 & 2” (2000 - 2003) 

This may be the best of all legal murder movies simply due to the fact the humor in both parts one and two don't try to level out the violence. The humor in these films actually makes the events that happen more sick in my opinion. Again, this is for population control but it's a class of school children that have to fight until there's only one left. Chiaki Kuriyama from "Kill Bill" fame has one of my favorite kills in this movie with a brutal way to stop an attempted rape. I think all of us like to have our genitals in place, but hey, if you decide to rape a woman like a sick fuck then expect a strong woman to do this.

#8 Taeter City.gif

8. Taeter City (2012) 

So this one has a clever twist up it's bloody, long sleeve. A group called "The Authority" found a way to separate common folks from criminals. "The Authority" sends radio waves that make criminals kills themselves...lucky for us, in extremely violent ways. Now, “they're criminals” you say, so how can this be considered legal murder? Well, the fact the criminals corpses or what's left of them are turned into food and served for consumption I think makes this movie fit steady on this list.

#7 The Cabin in the Woods.gif

7. The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

This movie likes to visit my lists often, and for many good reasons. This time around it's due to the facts that humans need to be sacrificed in order for the world to left alone by ancient gods that rule the earth. It sounds pretty intense until you see the movie and how silly it is, although if the subject had been taken more seriously, I don't know if the film would have worked as well. The humans that put all this in place don't see themselves as bad people, in fact, they're saving millions of people by allowing only a handful of that number to die. Also the way the victims croak depends on what they "accidentally" choose for themselves….of course without knowing. As sick as it sounds the movie is actually a lot of fun!

#6 The Purge series.gif

6. The Purge (series)

The series everyone knew would be in this list, "The Purge" movies. I actually think the idea of these movies are better than the films themselves. Hopefully the tv show does the suggestion more justice if you will. So, in "The Purge" movies, all crime, including murder are legal one day a year so people can cleanse themselves and get all that negative energy out so they're good little boys and girls the rest of the year. I always thought, "What if someone with a mental condition thinks the purge is any day/night and goes off on random rampage?" Would they be cleared due to their disability? I guess I'm thinking too much into it.  

#5 The Belko Experiment.gif

5. The Belko Experiment (2016)

One of the legal murder in an office job movies is "The Belko Experiment. This film also falls into a category of movies I like to call, "A group of people in a confined space must kill until only one remains". Movies like the "Saw" sequels "Headshot", and "Would You Rather" except in "The Belko Experiment" this murder seems to be legal because it is indeed an experiment. Just make sure you listen to the voice on the intercom so that device in your head doesn't explode.

#4 The Running Man.gif

4. The Running Man (1987)

Well, well. "The Running Man". I admittedly haven't seen this movie since I was a child but I remember being blown away by it. Movies that were so far fetched didn't affect me or scare me as a child. Thank God because I would have missed out on 80's greatness like this movie. Criminals are the ones that have to participate in the game for a pardon but the fact there is an audience to watch this all go down, I think qualifies the movie for legal murder, especially since innocent people can get enrolled just to make sure the show goes on. I need to revisit this film soon. Maybe even tonight.

#3 Slashers.gif

3. Slashers (2001)

A similar idea here but more Horror than The "Running Man". "Slashers" is a movie about a  game show call "Slashers" where people sign up to outlive a group guessed it, slasher killers for a large sum of money. The least amount of people to live the larger the sum. The player and slashers have complete immunity for their actions during taping.  Now, I'm a huge slasher movie fan, but there are plenty of slasher movies I think suck, "Slashers" is awesome by all means though. It was far beyond ahead of it's time being released in 2001, and if you watch it today it actually fits into our society more appropriately in the now than it did back then. Why haven't we gotten a "Slashers" sequel? Props to French, Canadian director Maurice Devereaux for making this movie.

#2 Mayhem.gif

2. Mayhem (2017)

Another legal murder in an office movie, ""Mayhem" is directed by Horror lover Joe Lynch who has a cameo in this film as a hacker near the end of the film. I really like this movie. Steven Yeun from "The Walking Dead" fame fits in this movie perfectly. If his nice guy character is used properly he adapts to a bona fide Horror story well. In this movie, murder is legal when a red eye, rage virus infects humans. There's a cure but it takes hours to take effect. So, in the meantime the infected are quarantined and have exemption for their actions, even murder if they were infected while commiting the crime. The rage virus is similar to "28 Days Later" but people insists on calling those people zombies which I disagree with, but yet I haven't heard anybody call the rage infected humans, “zombies” in this film.

#1 Zombie Movies_Shows.gif

1. Pretty Much Any Zombie Apocalypse Movie Or TV Show

Well, like potato chips, I couldn't eat just one zombie movie/show for this list so I kinda chose the whole genre. Ever think about that? In apocalypse movies, murder and crime are legal, much like "The Purge" movies but all year round. Rightfully so though. Who cares about murder when there's undead shufflers looking to feast on your face and flesh of the rest of your body? Zombie movies, you rock and may well just be the ultimate type of legal murder movies, besides “Battle Royale, of course. Yayyyhhh!!!!


I'm Dr.LoveGore,  hope I didn't give anybody any bad ideas talking about legal murder and I hope you enjoyed the list. Have a splendid week everybody!!!



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