By Kyle Laugh

By Kyle Laugh


Last Week In Horror: August 13th - August 19th, 2018




Asia Argento, a #MeToo Leader, Made a Deal With Her Own Accuser


“But in the months that followed her revelations about Mr. Weinstein last October, Ms. Argento quietly arranged to pay $380,000 to her own accuser: Jimmy Bennett, a young actor and rock musician who said she had sexually assaulted him in a California hotel room years earlier, when he was only two months past his 17th birthday. She was 37. The age of consent in California is 18.”

Source: New York Times

Today Asia Argento released her statement today. You can read that here



Chris Jericho to star in Kevin Smith’s horror anthology KillRoy Was Here

“Last summer, Kevin Smith announced that he was shooting a horror anthology movie entitled KillRoy Was Here, which originally started out as a Christmas-themed Krampus film before morphing into what the filmmaker describes as a “modern day Creepshow kinda flick.”

Source: Flickering Myth



Bruce Campbell’s Involvement Rumored in New Evil Dead Game


“Recently, a rumor began to buzz surrounding some new Evil Dead information. The rumors began to spread ever since the cancellation of the popular Ash vs. the Evil Dead show on Stars. The leading man/horror icon Bruce Campbell is rumored to be returning — but this time to our gaming monitors rather than the big screen.”

Source: DVS Gaming





“ I think it’s an unbelievably huge dick move. I think it’s a douche move absolutely. I don’t know why they would fuck with a healthy franchise. To make a competing franchise with an existing, and like you said healthy, robust franchise is super douchey. And nobody from the original franchise is involved, they’re not gonna have Brad Dourif, they’re not gonna have Don, and they’re not gonna have any of us.”

Source: Horror Geek Life



'Castle Rock' Renewed for Season 2 at Hulu

“The psychological-horror drama is set in the King multiverse in Maine. King executive produces the series alongside Abrams and his Bad Robot topper Ben Stephenson. The drama hails from Warner Bros. Television, which also produced Hulu's other Abrams/King team-up, the limited series 11.22.63. Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason developed the project for TV and serve as showrunners and exec producers. They will return for season two.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter



Re-Animator star Barbara Crampton cast in new season of Syfy horror show Channel Zero

“And now, Crampton will appear in Channel Zero: The Dream Door, EW has confirmed, which premieres on Syfy later this year. Based on the creepypasta short story “Hidden Door” by Charlotte Bywater, the season follows newlyweds Jillian (Maria Sten) and Tom Hodgson (Brandon Scott), who have each brought secrets into their marriage. When they discover a strange door in their basement, those secrets start to threaten their relationship — and their lives.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly







Release: August 24th, 2018

Format: VOD

Growing up on a quiet cul-de-sac in Ipswich, Massachusetts, Davey’s desperate to believe there’s more to life than what he sees from his bedroom window. For him, every tabloid cover is a peek into the world as it really is, as it really must be past the borders of the humdrum neighborhood where he and his best friends Eats, Farraday and Woody have grown up. Sure they spend their summers playing nighttime flashlight tag (“Manhunt”), riding their BMX bikes all over town, and spying on the hot, sometimes topless chick next door, Nikki... but Davey thirsts for more. As their investigation heats up, Davey and his best buds soon discover Mr. Mackey is onto them and their suspicions quickly become all too real.




Release: August 21st, 2018

Format: Blu-Ray

Film legend Joan Crawford gives a terrific performance in this chiller from pioneer horror movie producer William Castle.

Crawford plays Lucy Harbin, a woman who goes berserk when she finds her husband in bed with another woman. With her three-year-old daughter accidentally witnessing the grisly act, Lucy axes the couple to death. She spends twenty years in a mental institution for the double murder.

After she is released, she moves in with her brother (Leif Erickson), his wife and her own daughter (Diane Baker), now twenty-three. Her nightmare is over ... or is it? When a spate of axe murders start occurring suddenly in the neighborhood, police think Lucy has reverted to her old ways. The truth is finally revealed in a rousing, blood-chilling finale.



The Tingler

Release: August 21st, 2018

Format: Blu-Ray

Look out for the Tingler!

Vincent Price stars as an obsessed doctor who discovers that fear manifests itself as a parasitic creature, which grows on the spinal cords of terrified people. If they scream, the Tingler can be destroyed. If they don't, it will sever the spinal column and kill them. He successfully isolates and removes the Tingler from a deaf mute (Judith Evelyn) who has been scared to death by her devious husband. Once captured, the Tingler escapes and runs amok in a crowded movie theater. Terror is loose, but can it be stopped?

The Tingler is legendary horror director William Castle's magnum opus. After the success of House On Haunted Hill, Castle devised a new gimmick called "Percepto." Participating theaters would wire seats so that random moviegoers would get a tangible electric shock during climactic moments in the film. Another novelty used to maximum effect is the short color sequence depicting blood pouring from a faucet and filling a bathtub. Castle went on to direct more cult classics like Homicidal and 13 Ghosts and later produced the mainstream hit Rosemary's Baby.



Horror At The Box-Office

Considering summer blockbusters were the big thing a few years back, it’s hard to believe that this summer has been somewhat lacking. Although we’re getting horror more frequently throughout the year on the big screen, it feel like it could be much better utilized in the fall where more and more people seem to get into the Halloween spirit and typically want to go out of their way to check out the most recent big budget slasher, monster or psychological horror films.


For now however, most people will take what they can get and what we have is a film based on a creepypasta story and one regarding a giant shark. Unfortunately, the buzz for both films have not been very good from the horror community, but others movie goers have had nothing but great things to say about “The Meg” which has slipped down from the top spot but is still raking in the cash while “Slenderman”, a film which did not have the greatest start when it premiered last week, dropped another four spots from fourth to eighth.

Monetarily, it looks like “Slenderman” is now starting to make some dough following it’s expenses but it’s far from enough to warrant a sequel anytime soon.


Indie Horror Support



We have nearly completed our comedy horror film, taking on international racism and madness everywhere. Featuring an incredible cast, we need your final help in helping us complete this movie and taking it to cannes next year. We only have a few scenes left to shoot in the UK and help with post production, and you could see your name on the big screen at premiere and be part of an international released horror film.

Source: Indiegogo


Tearful Surrender: A Supernatural Tale of Terror

Get ready to surrender to your deepest fears and darkest fantasies with TEARFUL SURRENDER, the next feature film from Dreams For Dead Cats Productions, LLC (DDCP)! It’s our biggest, goriest, and most ambitious project yet, and it will be shot in England to capture the ultimate gothic atmosphere integral to the story and mood of TEARFUL SURRENDER!

Source: Kickstarter



New Horror Trailers



When a young college professor Adam and his pregnant wife Lisa suffer a traumatic event, they find themselves along with Lisa’s sister Becky haunted — and connected — to a malicious entity. It is only when Adam calls upon Dr. Clark, a professor of parapsychology at the university, that the true horror of what they have encountered becomes clear.



The Toybox

An estranged family take a trip to the desert in their used RV but become stranded and isolated in the scorching terrain. They soon learn their RV holds terrible, haunting secrets, and it starts killing them off one by one.



The Amityville Murders

On the night of November 13, 1974, Ronald DeFeo, Jr. took a high-powered rifle and murdered his entire family as they slept. At his trial, DeFeo claimed that "voices" in the house commanded him to kill. This is their story.




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