By Alex King

By Alex King


2 years ago a trailer hit the internet that blew me away. It was an exploitation trailer for a fake movie called LASERPOPE. About a pope that was killed by a terrorist attack and was only able to be saved/reconstructed by incorporating what can only be explained as a SciFi Robot akin to Robocop. It sent shock waves through the net good or bad “Mostly Good” as Director Lukas says for how exploitative the trailers subject matter was. I jumped with glee when I saw it wishing that one day this movie could actually get made. Well, 2 years have passed and it might be getting a full feature release! That is only with your help.

Lukas the director of the Faux Trailer just posted the Kickstarter for the feature film with promise to be bigger and more sacrilegious than the original faux trailer. They are shooting for completion of the film by 2020 if the film is fully funded on Kickstarter. We are tickled silly about it becoming reality. Check it out now. The backers gets some pretty awesome stuff. ARE YOU EXCITED FOR LASERPOPE?


NEW LASERPOPE Teaser (2018)


OLD LASERPOPE Faux Trailer (2016)




When I am not putting together the Podcast, writing music, videos, streaming horror games on twitch or creating anything. I will occasionally write a thing or two. I love to be creative. 

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