Hey horror friends!  

It's been a busy week here at and Beyond The Void Horror Podcast!  So here is what you missed so far. Going to try and make this a regular thing each week to gather all the important posts we put up on the site.  So feel free to catch up on things you might have missed each week.  Don't forget! We still have one day left for anyone that wants to purchase a BTV SHIRT. After that they will be gone. 

Feb 11th


VERONICA CARLSON Mark Doubt dropped his piece about a "bloodsucking babe" for the women in horror month (WiHM) challenge.  He chose Veronica Carlson.  You can read all about her by CLICKING HERE. Or on the Picture. 

Feb 12th



Beyond The Void Horror Podcast (Ep77pt1) an insane horror movie podcast episode that they made up on the spot called "It Lurks Below" which turned into Carnival Cthulhu monsters attacking an amusement park. Complete with audio sound fx for maximum enjoyment!



STREAMER REVIEW: Kyle Laugh takes on a review for the movie "Streamer". Does this movie hit the horror genre? Or is it something else. Kyle breaks it down for us. 


MILICENT PATRICK Mark Doubt talks about Milicent Patrick in his "Gone but Not forgotten" pick for WiHM challenge.  It's a piece that he is very fond of and so should you. 

Feb 13th


Linnea Quigley is the ultimate scream queen and Mark Doubt tells us all about why in his "She's Still Got It" WiHM challenge for the day.  Definitely worth a read about this amazing woman in horror.

Feb 14th


HELLRAISER: JUDGEMENT Review. Kyle breaks down the lead up to the movie and his thought on the newest Hellraiser movie. Was it worth it? worse/better than expected? Find out.  



SIMONE SIMON: Mark writes up a hollywood starlit named Simone Simon for his WiHM "Femme Fatale". She was once one of Frances hottest stars.  Learn about her in this great read. 

Feb 15th


Beyond The Void Horror Podcast (Ep77 pt2) Tragedy Girls & Heathers! This past Thursday Britni and Alex talk about both these movies.  They compare and contrast the differences between them and which will be their winner. LOADS of trivia! 





BARBARA STEELE:  Mark tells us all about one of the woman that changed the way woman were portrayed in film in his pick for WiHM "Goddess of Gore".  He talks about Black Sunday in particular in his last piece for the week.  Check it out

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That wraps up our Week-In-Horror for Feb 11th - 17th.  Stay tuned for NEXT week as we continue to bring you more Podcast episodes, news, reviews and a lot more!