This week we do our #Graveplots segment mixing carnivals & cthulhu styled creatures. Sound amazing? Well this week will be just right for you.  In our movie we made up called “It Lurks Below”. One of our friends / listeners title submitted by Director John Hale. Congrats! Alex packed in some sound fx to give the atmosphere of the movie as we make it up! We also take a #horrorshot dedicated to the movie “Heathers” (1988) called “F%$# me gently with a Chainsaw”. Then we jump into last week's news and talk about some upcoming horror that you won't want to miss.


So grab your popcorn, don't forget your top hat and be sure to bring your dynamite as we travel Beyond The Void!


Artwork by Alex King

Artwork by Alex King


“It Lurks Below” (Title submitted by Dir John Hale)

When Jeremy finds out he is the aire of the Linkletter Amusement park he decides to move is failed haunt to it's location. Little does he know that deep in the bones of this old park is a creature that has been swallowing anything that comes near it for millions of years. People start to get picked off by Carnival favorite attractions with a taste for human flesh but are they the only problem that will tear through the night? Or is there something bigger that lurks below? One thing is for sure. “It's coming up so you better get the party started”.

Don't miss this weeks #Graveplots it's one for the books.



“Fuck Me Gently With a Chainsaw” [Heathers Themed SHOT]

½ Malibu Rum

½ Blue Curacao

1 teaspoon of Lemon Juice


Scream Fuck Me Gently With a Chainsaw!





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Update on The Craft Sequel HERE

Brian Fuller Leaves Amazing Stories Reboot show LINK

Channel Zero Butchers block It airs February 14 at 10|9c Syfy. Trailer

Cloverfield Paradox Got released after superbowl with a lot of mixed reactions.

The next Cloverfield Film will be in theaters ? That article was speculative. It is no longer happening due to poor reviews. LINK

Bad Robots film Kolma could be Cloverfield 5th movie. LINK

Animal World w/ Michael Douglas June 29 2018 CHINA TRAILER


Movies We talk about this Thursday!

Heathers (1988)

p11421_p_v8_aa (1).jpg


Tragedy Girls (2017)


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