Some films are just so good that they inspire many Directors and Writers to make films but what if they are so inspired they knock them off? Well this week on our Flesh & Potatoes we take a look at films that ripped off the greats.

In this weeks episode of Rip Offs Vol 1. On this special episode we will be looking at 2 movies that blatantly ripped off their predecsors to make a buck. First is “Mahakaal” from 1993 the Bollywood Nightmare on Elm Street rip off that was just too good not to review. Then we jump into a whammy of a rip off by Bruno Mattei who is known for quite a few knocks offs. His inspiration this time? Well, not just one movie but 2 rip offs in ONE! That takes talent. His movie technically called “Shocking Dark” in the states, “Terminator 2” in Italy and of course “Alienator” in Japan. That's right this movie tried to rip from both “Aliens” and “Terminator” to cash in on those big bucks. Plus we talk about the news and create a #horrorshot for “Shocking Dark” that is ... creative. You'll be screaming “Sarah” over and over after this episode. 

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