Twenty years following it's initial release, I was honored with the pleasure of seeing Jack Frost for the first time, uncut, the only way any low budget, cheesy horror films should be seen. That being in it's original VHS format.

Alongside the nostalgic feeling that comes from a video loaded with distorted sound and the occasional tracking lines running across the screen, I was left with a huge grin on my face when I was finally able to see what the film had to offer me. That being an honest to god good time!

The film was written and directed by Michael Cooney and stars Scott MacDonald, Christopher Allport, Stephen Mendel and Shannon Elizabeth in her first ever film role.

It was panned by critics due to obvious reasons and currently holds a 7% approval rating via Rotten Tomatoes but funny enough given a 72% approval rating from Google users. Which goes to show you how things change with time. Like a fine wine, some films just get better or at the very least, become more entertaining with each passing year.

But enough of my yammering. Jack Frost follows the story of the title character who is locked up in the back of a transfer van on his way to his execution in which he was sentenced to following the murder of over thirty people. He had been getting away with it all for years but was inevitably caught by a small town Sheriff named Sam Tiller accidentally when he was checking on what looked like an abandoned vehicle and finding Frost instead.

The trip takes a turn for the worse when the van skids out of control and crashes into a tanker. The accident freed Frost but a mysterious liquid from the tanker was sprayed onto him, instantly melting down his body into nothing, infusing his cells with the first thing it made contact with, that being the fresh snow on the ground this bringing to life Jack Frost, the mutant killer snowman.


Typically, I would break down a film this old without hesitation I'm going to keep the review spoiler free as I believe it would be worth it for you to watch it for yourselves.

Although cheesy as previously mentioned, I absolutely loved the film, the acting was actually pretty good next to a few characters who needed to seem hysterical at times but their roles really fit the bill and made the movie that much more enjoyable.


Like some of his killer counterparts along the lines of Freddy and Chucky, Frost uses an array of abilities to track, hunt and torment his victims all the while dropping hilarious one liners which alone make the watch worthwhile.

When it comes to the kills, they aren't overly fantastic looking by any means but they all have some hint of comedy that comes with them and when it comes time for the victims to fight back, they give us a taste of everything imaginable that you would so in order to melt snow with the end game being something so obvious that I never even seen it coming.

In my personal and humble opinion, I have to say this is a must watch for the holiday season, especially if it's your first go around with it!

7 out of 10.




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