By now, if you're a fan of either The Walking Dead or Fear The Walking Dead, you're well aware of the upcoming crossover which is to take place on the next season of Fear The Walking Dead.

While this happening has been an ongoing rumors since the creation of It's sister show, fans of The Walking Dead have been debating who the crossover character or characters should be.

This led most viewers to point their fingers towards Abraham as being the best bet for a return as he is not only a fan favorite, but the character is also well traveled and most likely to have been even remotely close to where the “Fear” group has been or currently is located.

This would give producers not only a way to bring back a great character but the ability the tie the two shows together to a small degree.


But on the latest edition of the Talking Dead hosted by Chris Hardwick, revealed the news that Morgan would be the character who bridges the gap between both worlds.

Now, for those who follow the original show, you likely already know that Morgan's timeline does not match up with the timelines and or places in which the “Fear” group are located seeing as they started on the West coast while Morgan has been known to be in the East coast, something that's already stirred up and angered a large portion of viewers with some stating that in order to make the transition work, “Fear” will have to do a time jump of approximately two years in order for this move to make any sense at all.


Although many see this as a ridiculous choice, I for one believe that it's a simple way to connect both groups together. If it so happens that one of the shows find themselves cancelled, you have a simple way to bring that group into the series without the requirement of a massive back story or wasting several episodes focusing on this endeavor.

An alternate rumor that I also want to address is that of the “Fear” crew actually being the group known as the Whisperers which appears much later in the comic series.






Before I continue, I will give you a SPOILER ALERT! So you have been warned!




Fear The Walking Dead

Fear The Walking Dead

If this happens to be true, which I personally don't believe it will be, it would be a massive waste of the characters that have been built up over the years. I say this as the Whisperers did not last overly long with their leader, Alpha, being killed off fairly quickly within the story arc meaning that if this rumor were to be true, Madison would likely be the one who becomes Alpha. This would mean that her daughter Alicia, if the comic storyline is followed, will basically be used as a sex doll in order to keep the males in the Whisperers group happy as per her mother's orders.

That alone is why I highly doubt this is going to happen but as usual, you never know with these types of shows.

Overall, I'm happy they're making a connection between both franchises as a precaution but believe a different character would have likely been a better bet considering Morgan's sanity among other aforementioned factors.

What do you guys think? Is this the best case scenario or could you come up with a better scenario for a crossover episode or story arc?



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