By. Dr.LoveGore

By. Dr.LoveGore


I've seen many "eye gouging" or “eye injury" lists in the past, but this week on Beyond The Void, I wanna do a specific "eye" list. That being the...


Top 8 Thumbs Through The Eyes In Horror

It_s Always Sunny_.gif

Spoilers Ahead




#8 Halloween.gif

8. Halloween (2007)

This is from the theatrical version. Dr. Loomis in the form of Malcolm McDowell looks as good as dead here. I don't remember if his demise was different in Rob Zombie's unrated version. I feel like it must have been since Loomis is in the sequel. The kills in this movie are decent, but I can always appreciate two thumbs in the eyes.

#7 Hannibal.gif

7. Hannibal [Se 1 Ep 6] (2013)

For a show with death scenes that leave imprints on the human brain, these thumbprint stamps on this sad human's eyeballs are tame compared to most of the gore this show served us. 'Hannibal' normally cooked up classy restaurant style carnage. However, this kill deserves a spot on this list.

#6Buffy The Vampire Slayer.gif

6. Buffy The Vampire Slayer - [Se 7 - Ep 18] (2003)

I wasn't the biggest fan of this show when it aired, I respected it, though. I caught a lot of episodes through a few of my friends when they'd have it on while we'd hang out . I never really saw gore that stood out, so this part completely caught me by surprise. I'm pretty sure this dude was human and not a vampire, so this eye wound was permanent.

#5. 28 Days Later.gif

5. 28 Days Later (2002)

The best part of this movie is in this GIF. It feels raw and vicious. I wanted more shocks like this in '28 Days Later.' There's a similar scene in the sequel as well. I actually prefer the sequel as a whole, but since it happened in this movie first, and this scene being my favorite, it gets the #5 spot.

#4 The Descent.gif

4. The Descent (2005)

Now we're getting into a bit more brutal territory. The director of 'The Descent' goes by the name of Neil Marshall. His movies usually come knocking on our movie-watching doors with tons of violent scenes. He knows his monsters, too. He wowed me with 'Dog Soldiers,’ then I saw 'The Descent.' This film is fuckin bananas: absolutely relentless once it hits fifth gear. The claustrophobia is talked about a lot when this movie is mentioned; I was just dumbfounded by how realistic these cave dwelling creatures were when ripping up flesh!

#3. Blade Runner.gif

3. Blade Runner (1982)

Ridley Scott has some flavorsome gore in his movies. When I do think of his films, I think boldness more than gore. However, he has movies like 'Alien,' 'Blade Runner' and 'Hannibal' (2002) on his resume. 'Blade Runner' is more Sci Fi...yes, but I have no problem letting that genre slide in with Horror. This is the only entry I chose where the thumbs have to go under a pair of glasses to get to the eyeballs. It just makes it more effective to me than if the victim didn't have the glasses on while this happened.

#2 Hotel Inferno.gif

2. Hotel Inferno (2013)

Before 'Hardcore Henry' came through with the POV murder style, 'Hotel Inferno' did it bloodier. This movie splatters you in the face with blood from frame 1 through the entire run time. If you're having one of those nights where you just wanna watch people get fucked up in heinous ways - 'Hotel Inferno’ is the movie you may want to watch. Another death scene will happen before you can even process the last one.


1. The Evil Dead (1981)

# 1 The Evil Dead.gif

This is one of those movies that rocks so much it makes a good percentage of my lists. 'The Evil Dead' threw me for a loop the first time I laid my thumbed-out eyes on it. I didn't know much about it which helped my experience a lot. Ash has to go balls deep with the ol' thumbs in the eye, defense tactic. The screams of the demon that follow are audibly terrifying. The eye sockets seep with blood to finish driving this home run gore gag out of the bloody park.


Honorable Non Horror Mentions


The Punisher [Se 1 Ep 12]

The Punisher.gif

Game Of Thrones [Se 4 Ep 8]

Game Of Thrones.gif

Marked For Death

Marked For Death.gif

Under Siege

Under Siege.gif

Steven Seagal again! This motha fucka don't care about your vision, nevermind your life!


Hopefully Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert would give this list 2 thumbs up. 👍👍

Siskel and Ebert.jpg

I'm Dr.LoveGore wishing you all a safe week, and please avoid getting poked in the eye.
Until next time, have a good one, Beyond The Voiders!



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