By Dr.LoveGore

By Dr.LoveGore

8 Scissor Slicing Scenes In Horror Movies!!!


Let's do 8 this week, cause why force an extra 2 if you don't have to?
This week I bring to you bloody Horror fans a list that consists not of not rocks, not paper, but scissors, and I ain't a barber so you know this means mostly death scenes with one on the list being a quick act of violence not relating in death...but damn it's still gotta fuckin hurt.
Let's go!!!


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#8 Dial M For Murder.gif


Dial M For Murder (1954)

Hitchcock the almighty. Everybody loves Alfred Hitchcock, and how can you not? The way everybody mentions Spielberg today is how everybody mentioned Hitchcock before and even now. “Dial M for Murder” was his 3D film that has this sweet scissor stabbing scene. Ferocious for a 50's film.


#7 Halloween 5.gif


Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989)

Poor Rachel got shafted in part 5 with some scissors to the neck, they were supposed to be down the throat but she wasn't having that. So they rearranged some writing and the neck, not throat, was a more dignified way to go I guess. Fuck it, gotta go by scissors, mind as well take them in the neck somehow.


#6 Inside.gif


Inside (2007)

Most people probably think of the ending of this movie as far as scissor scenes go but don't forget about this one! Scissors through the hand and oh man, that looks painful. This movie has more gore FX to throw your way but this one part makes your hand feel fuckin tender.


#5 Schizoid.gif


Schizoid (1980)

This gif is courtesy of our opening murder, and "Schizoid" has a lot of things going for it including mucho scissor slayings and Christopher Lloyd. I swear that dude pops up in the most random of movies. He doesn't even look that weird in this one...which is weird to me. But this is worth checking out to say you've seen it. Not super bloody, but bloody enough.


#4 Rabid.gif


Rabid (1977)

Snip that finger Doc, even though that ain't ain't ya patient, that's your colleague. Oh well, without you this scene wouldn't he on this list. David Cronenberg ends up on my lists a lot but it's usually with his 1980's mutation movie "The Fly" However, this list is different and "Rabid took its place this week. I love this filmmaker's work because you can bet your bloody balls you're always gonna see something in his movies that has you thinking long after you watch it. Snip snip.


#3 Dude Bro Party Massacre 3.gif


Dude Bro Party Massacre 3 (2015)

This movie and those alike were made for me, I'm sure. DBPM 3 pretty much sums up my personality, bloody and goofy. The title is gold and so is the way it's presented. I could go on and on, but we're talking scissors here and this is a good slit throat by scissors. Also, a lot of other blood curdling deaths happen before, and after this scissor scene. Rock on, Dude Bro Party Massacre 3.


#2 The Dead Zone.gif


The Dead Zone (1983)

Wait....what? Cronenberg again? Are you really fuckin surprised? You can't go into this film thinking it's gonna be a regular Cronenberg piece. I didn't like it my first time watching it but on my second viewing I put my anticipation for a Cronenberg style, body Horror film aside and went with the ride. It's more psychological with little violence but not this scene!!! Suicide by scissors!





Now for #1



#1 Dead Again.gif


Dead Again (1991)

Lettin’ this one slide as some call it a “Thriller” but I don't believe in that word so it gets a pass! This movie's based around a murder by scissors and has an interesting story and kinda funny ending. This is the mother of all scissor scenes because it looks like it could have been a prop used in the movie "Spaceballs". And it's an early 90's Horror movie but the word Horror wasn't looked upon with dignity anymore so they only made what people call “Thrillers”. Just to get this off my chest....a “Thriller” is in-between a “Crime-Drama” and “Horror” movie, so basically a “Thriller” to me is usually a “Horror” movie with no balls, but that's not the case with "Dead Again" in fact, it's balls are as big as the scissors it plays with in this final scene. Oh, and director Kenneth Branagh also went on to star in and direct 1994’s “Mary Shelley's Frankenstein”.

I'm Dr.LoveGore here for and I hope you all enjoyed this list and have an awesome week!

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