Got a quick list for this week, but it's bloody!!!

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Now, for this list, the jaw had to be ripped off. An after-the-fact zombie with its tongue dangling, or that lady from "The Mist" tv show doesn't count. This is bloody, good times and we're rippin' off jaws!!! (And I don't mean making a bad shark movie.)

1. Wishmaster.gif

1. Wishmaster (1997)

All the gore gags in this film, and this is the one I remember so vividly. A criminal in this scene is overpowered and controlled by a wish the Wishmaster just granted for a detective prior to this jaw-rip. It's violent, but funny at the same time. The practical effects seen here still look good over twenty years later.

2. True Blood.gif

2. True Blood - [Se 7, Ep 5] (2014)

This fuckin show has some exilerating gore.Yeah, the ladies like the sex part of it, too, but I get aroused by the Gore! Gimme more jaw gore!!!

3.Hatchet 2.gif

3. Hatchet 2 (2010)

That Crowley boy is at it again! Ripping jaws so painfully slow. The victim (director Joe Lynch) will not be chewing any trident in the near future or even sipping through a straw, for that matter.

4. Mirrors.gif

4. Mirrors (2008)

Oh, Amy Smart, you have the most painful looking one in this list. I would say it looks real, but I never ripped somebody's jaw off before. I'll probably try it sometime, though.

On a serious note, the director of 'Mirrors’, Alex Aja, always has a strong delivery when he goes for the gore.

5. The Fly.gif

5. The Fly (1986)

Oh man, this movie's fucked up. I've loved David Croneberg's work ever since seeing this 1986 gem; his work doesn't disappoint. In ‘The Fly’ (1986), Cronenberg puts Jeff Goldblum and Gina Davis through some psycological and physical torture, which only treats the audience with "can you look without turning away" gore moments. Watch this if you never have, I know some movies "fly" under the radar, so if this one has for you, just watch it!

6. Beetlejuice.gif

6. Beetlejuice (1988)

Ok, so, this jaw just falls off, but it's still funny as fuckin shit. This scene is just as hysterical as it was the first time "I seent it." In a happy twist, his wife does manage to put his jaw back on his face. I hope to marry a woman who would treat me with the same courtesy.

7.Saw 7.gif

7. Saw 7: The Final Chapter (2010)

This is one of those movies that got shat on fast, because it was, and is a fact that these movies were rushed. I like it a lot more than the fifth entry. And the 3D wasn't even that bad. This scene here, a man gets his jaw and arms ripped off… by an automobile, nonetheless. Good times!!!

8.My Bloody Valentine.gif

8. My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009)

Tom Atkins does no wrong by a lot of Horror movie fans, myself included. But the killa in ‘My Bloody Valentine 3D’ didn't care about Atkin's “cool guy” status. One swift pickaxe to the jaw and the miner sent it flying in our direction. Nice knowin' ya, jaw/jaw bone.

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I'm out. Have a nice week and don't chew with your mouth open, some crazy fucker might try to rip your jaw off… or not. Peace. ✌



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