By Dr.LoveGore

By Dr.LoveGore

Top 9 Shovel or Spade Kills

Shovels...or spades, there not just for garden work. There also for bashing melons aka skulls, decapitation, not always at the neck either, but sometimes from the face down. So here I bring to you all my Horror loving fiends and friends... The Top 9 Shovel Or Spade Kills. 

#9 Cabin Fever.gif

9. Cabin Fever (2002)

Fuck that remake which like many other remakes are beyond unnecessary. I mean, the first "Cabin Fever" was made in 2002 and it was praised by so many top directors so why was it remade? I don't fuckin' know but this shovel kill in the first one can be felt through the sound in the scene as Rider Strong whales his would be girlfriend's skin ripped face. I guess that shotgun ran out of bullets.

#8 American Horror Story.gif

8. American Horror Story (Season 1 Episode 2)

Still the best season in my opinion but I do like them all for their own merits. Seems this poor woman got the shovel to the face again and again so she wouldn't expose a little fetus secret. She went down like a sack full of only large potatoes, so her and her face gladly deserve the number 8 spot on this list.

#7 My Bloody Valentine.gif

7. My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009)

A kill that reminds me of a character death in "Wrong Turn 1" except that was an axe in that film. Here we get a spade to the mouth as the head slides forward and the body slowly drops. It's effective even in 2D and one of the earliest kills in the film leaving one to anticipate the next gory murder with child like glee.

#6 Re-Animator.gif

6. Re-Animator (1985)

This is one of those movies that has it all! You want slashings, zombies, scalpings, shovel got it. Dr. West gives Dr. Hill a whack to the head then a slice to the throat, decapitating the mean motha fucka. To our zombie loving surprise Dr. Hill speaks in only head form. He also likes a little cunnilingus with his new bodiless form. I would say this scene has shock value but it's just too damn funny.

#5 The Walking Dead.gif

5. The Walking Dead (Season 2 Ep.12)

So this zombie is already technically dead because it's a fuckin zombie!!! But it's undead and still moving and Shane bashes it's fuckin brains in. It looks really cool and as much as I try not to favor this show, it too has so much going for it in terms of kills and gore. I mean...just look at this zombie's brain and head twitch. Scrumptious.  

#4 Evil Dead.gif

4. The Evil Dead (1981)

Ahhhh I love Evil Dead 1. It doesn't have as much humor as part 2 which I think is in its favor. Amongst the blood splattering, arm eating, hair eating, ankle stabbing, and tree fucking, we get this beautiful staged head loss by shovel. It used to be Ash's woman but hey, if the bitch is trying to mutilate you and get a demon fuck you in your spirit then off with her fuckin head with a shovel! Boo-ya!!!

#3 Hatchet.gif

3. Hatchet (2006) 

The best "Hatchet" movie in the series. Victor Crowley pulls no punch unless it involves ripping your arm off while trying to throw a punch. Crowley will rip a poor soul in half by any means necessary. The crew even invented a gas powered sander for Crowley to get dirty with. Twisting heads and ripping jaws with his bare hands is fun and all...but he likes using weapons too. Take this shovel to the throat for example. Victor Crowley tests the strength of his leg by poppin' this bastard's head off like a champagne cork. Get em' Crowley!

The Stepfather 3.gif

2. The Stepfather 3 (1992)

Not a bad part 3. I even think the story is logical...for a Horror movie at least. The prick killer from the first 2 Stepfather films knows his face is known so he gets some black market plastic surgery done and no one knows it's him. We think it may not even be him at first with his modest demeanor and helpful and friendly attitude. That is until someone confronts him and he takes a shovel to his knee and face then conveniently buries the victim with that same shovel under some nice pretty flowers. How nice of him.


and for the final Shovel or Spade Kill..





Psycho 2.gif

1. Psycho 2 (1983)

The granddaddy of all shovel kills! "Psycho 2". The whole movies gets you to try and sympathize with Norman Bates, and it almosts works as we see numerous people fuck with him after his release, 22 years after the murders took place at the "Bates Motel". A lot of craziness occurs but it's interesting to try and guess what's going on. So finally when we see the conclusion we see that maybe Norman is a little bit cured after all. But then the filmmakers make you realize that you can't feel too bad for somebody legitimately labeled a psycho as Norman bashes his "real" mother's head in with a shovel. Bloody. Good. Times.


I'm Dr.LoveGore and once again I hope you all enjoyed this list and have a great week!!!
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