By Dr.LoveGore

By Dr.LoveGore


Holding your head back doesn't always work. Holding a booger rag to your nose doesn't help that well either. I mean...if you don't make shitting faces and move things with your mind, you're probably good. However, nosebleeds can still occur. Maybe ease back on that fine white powder, stop cutting your inner nostrils with those claw-like fingernails, or go see a doctor cause you might have a brain hemorrhage.








9. Valentine (2001)

This nosebleed lets us know when the killer is around, and, who the killer is eventually. "Valentine" gets shit on a lot but I like to stick up for it. Not to be a hipster, but because...I actually like the film. There's some aggressive kills in the movie and yes, it is a "Scream" style slasher movie, but, it does do enough differently to stand on its own two hooves.

#8 The 4400.gif

8. The 4400 (2004)

A strange story but it's so awesome. The first time I heard the about “The 4400” I remember thinking how good the idea sounded to me. 4400 people were abducted but return without showing a day in the ageing department. It turns out they all had special gifts given to them ranging from, mind control, to mind communication, and even more than that. I can totally get behind this idea and I suggest it if you can find all seasons of this show.

#7 The Ring.gif

7. The Ring (2002)

This nosebleed may be forgotten in comparison to the rest of the shit in this movie...crooked-dead faces, a fly coming out of a tv, fucked up phones calls, and of course, creepy evil-dead bitch comin at ya through the screen. Well, the main character's nose bleeds when she snatches the winged bastard off of the screen. Pretty effective in this slow, over-hyped movie. Bleed on.

#6 Firestarter.gif

6. Firestarter (1984)

This is a nifty, haha… idea. An attempt at a Stephen King story starring a young Drew Barrymore should sure have more talk than it does. But it appears the idea is better than the an extent. I like director Mark L. Lester, but in a "fuck yeah bring the extra cheese” kind of way. I grew up on "Commando" so my respect for the man shows in that fact alone. In this story we have two mind freaks that were given super juice to each have a separate power to use with their mind. They have a child who can perform pyrokinesis. Yup, that child is Drew Barrymore. One of her baby roles that she does great in. Control with the mind happens, nosebleeds accompany these shenanigans, and Drew lights shit on fire. Sounds good to me.

#5 Stranger Things.gif

5. Stranger Things (2016)

No doubt this show by The Duffer Brothers falls into the Horror genre. It kind of baffles me when people say otherwise but opinions are always welcomed. It may not be the most hardcore of Horror shows but it doesn't have to be. Fuck, the show's vibe even drifted over into the "IT" movie from 2017. Millie Bobby Brown sells her part as Eleven who uses her ability to either help or hurt people with her mind depending on who the person is. A nosebleed occurs every time she uses this power and the bloody nose even ended up on the "Eleven" pop figure. Fun for the children!!!

#4 Scanners.gif

4. Scanners (1981)

It's no secret I love Cronenberg's films. The man even in his recent years has put out some fire cinema. In the 70's and 80's he was at his most potent I'd say, but, he still continues to keep a sharp edge like a Samurai Warrior. One film that comes to mind other than 1986's "The Fly" seems to be his movie "Scanners". The most gifd out head explosion scene in gif history... I say that opinion with confidence, too. So, in "Scanners" we have people with mind control and telekinesis, and even though we're talking nosebleeds in this list... there's no trying to push aside the how much more this film has. As in most films with people using mind powers, when these powers are used, nosebleeds occur. The movies is high up on this list due to how influential it is.

#3 The Mind_s Eye.gif

3. The Mind's Eye (2015)

This movie has it's ridiculous moments but it's played straight, mostly. I really enjoyed it, and the movie does have gore, but I found myself rooting for the good guy of the movie just as much as I was rooting for blood soaked carnage. It has a pretty nasty antagonist who's bad intentions driven by greediness and anxiety, grow into vivid visions rounded up nicely in a finale.

#2 Sleepaway Camp 3.gif

2. Sleepaway Camp 3 (1989)

Can't exclude drugged out nosebleeds, or, what the character thought was drugs. In "Sleepaway Camp 3" Angela, who despises drugs, gives a news reporter an unhealthy, lethal dose of booger sugar concocted of cleaning products. The news reporter keels over on her quick drive after snorting what in her mind was some potent 80's cocaine. I guess these 80's slasher movies really were anti-drug messages...murder was OK though.


and the winner is..


1. Drag Me To Hell (2009)

#1 Drag Me To Hell.gif

My number 1 nosebleed in Horror has to be in "Drag Me In Hell". I don't think anybody else has, or will ever have a better idea to glorify a nosebleed. This motherfuckin nose squirts blood so fast and thick it should be in a porno. Many dub this character as the female Bruce Campbell due to the fact the film was directed by "Evil Dead" creator Sam Raimi. Alison Lohman plays Christine Brown, a banker who makes the wrong decision that leads to her downfall, but our happiness, as we see her go through a bunch of funny and disgusting bullshit. She also gets worms puked into her mouth, but, the nosebleed stands out especially when her boss cries about getting any of her blood in his mouth while he's drenched in it. This is truly just a fabulous scene in any movie...ever!


Pulp Fiction (1994)

Honorable Non Horror Mentions


Modern Problems (1981) - [Alex’s Pick]

Chevy Chase GIF-source.gif

Honorable Non Horror Mentions

I'm Dr.LoveGore wishing you all bloodless nostrils and I'll see you all next week!!!



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