Well folks, it's been one hell of a year filled with amazing films, memorable moments, horrible losses and intriguing promises made to us for the future if the genre.

As everyone else here is doing at LONGLIVETHEVOID.COM, I myself am working on some new and fun things to present to and fill in the horror community as a whole regarding things old and new within the context of the genre and are all looking forward to bringing you top notch content in all forms possible.

With that being said, I want to thank you all so much for all the support and love you've not only given to me, but the team as a whole.

Before moving on to what will be undoubtedly another great year in horror, I want to take a quick look back at my personal top five films of the last year. I will also make note that I've not yet had the opportunity to see all the best 2017 had to offer according to most and will be basing this on what I have personally seen and also that my top picks will not be in any particular order.



It (2017)

It (2017)

Likely the most obvious film on the list, the remake to the 1990 television mini series scored huge at the box office bringing in close to $700 million dollars worldwide. The film was able to take both from the mini series as well as from the Stephen King book of the same name to make something special.

Although prior to the release of the trailer, most people were skeptical about Bill Skarsgard’s ability to take an iconic level character like Pennywise which was originally portrayed by Tim Curry, and take it to a whole new level of creepiness, ensuring a whole new generation knows what's it's like to have a fear of clowns.



The Void (2016- 2017)

The Void (2016- 2017)

This was one of those films which could have gone either way and judging by viewers reaction, that's exactly what happened. Half of the people stated it was a fantastic film while the other portion had a complete hatred for it which is understandable considering its budget was only $82 thousand but on that same token, the fact that they were able to create this with such a small amount of available funds is pretty incredible.

I personally enjoyed it not only for the fact that it felt like a film coming straight out of the 80’s but for its storyline, which I had to rewatch in order to piece it all together as well as its use of practical effects monsters which looked fantastic.

Also, as a small additional tidbit of information, The Void was filmed in the city where I now currently reside and considering the city's lack of a horror fan base, I find it to be pretty amazing how well this film turned out. Not that location should really have anything to do with but again, I felt like it was



It Stains The Sands Red (2016 - 2017)

It Stains The Sands Red (2016 - 2017)

Although it technically premiered in 2016 at a film festival, it didn't get its release till 2017, so for all you purists out there, I'm aware and it's staying on my list.

I rented this one via VOD on a whim one morning after getting home from a night shift. Thinking it was going to be just like a basic zombie flick, I was not expecting to much out of it but was pleasantly surprised with what it had to offer.

A unique storyline primarily featuring one character on screen can typically become boring but director and co-writer Colin Minihan and his star Brittany Allen ensure viewers a fun storyline, great character building and a few action packed scenes that any genre fan could appreciate.

I know most people have yet to see this one so I suggest you check it out!



Get Out (2017)

Get Out (2017)

The term social thriller wasn't really thrown around prior to this year.

A film of this nature coming from a comedic genius was not expected nor was the idea  necessarily welcomed when we first heard about it. But personally knowing Jordan Peel’s personal history with the horror genre, I knew this was going to be something to look out for and thanks to the fine folks over at Blumhouse, I was not wrong.

You've likely already seen and have your own reasons for loving Get Out but for me it's the originality Peel is bringing to the genre is a breath of fresh air. That, alongside excellent dialogue, storyline, effects and a horror worthy twist likely makes this one of the top films of the year.




Any film which tries to copy the likes of Groundhogs Day is in for a boat load of work and an instant reaction of hate from most people. How could someone ever take such a beloved film, duplicate it and throw in a horror element we beyond me, but they pulled it off and gave us something highly entertaining.

Pulling from various genres, writer Scott Lobdell pieced together a film relying heavily on comedy, mystery, drama and a bit of horror to make a complete package including great dialogue, a very well connected storyline and also includes a modernized version of an 80’s montage, music and all. If you've yet to see this and are a fan of horror / comedy films, I can guarantee that you're going to love this one.



That concludes my take on what 2017 had to offer in a nutshell. I will likely come across some other films from 2017 which I've missed out on in order to do a review on them in the future but until that time arrives, this will be my standing list for the previous year.



Kyle is an all around lover of horror. Mainstream, Underground and more! He's passionate about the community we all belong to. 



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