By Dr.LoveGore

By Dr.LoveGore


Going with a little something different this week, as opposed to the best ways to dismember people in list form, I'd like to honor actor Robert Englund with 12 of his exceptional acting roles not including his most iconic role ever (Freddy Krueger).

Here are... 12 Solid Robert Englund Performances besides Freddy Krueger.

This list is in no particular order.

Minor Spoilers for the films included on this list.






#12 Strangeland.gif

12 Strangeland (1998)

Englund is hilarious in this movie, however, seeing the man who played Freddy Krueger be hung by his flesh on hooks had quite the disturbing effect on my 15 year old mind. Still waiting for a sequel but I doubt Englund will be in it if it does happen. Definitely a worthy enough performance in this one to leave and impact though.


11. Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (2007)

Mr. Englund channels Dr. Sam Loomis with this performance even though the name of his character is an homage to Hallorann, the character from "The Shining" who also, along with the boy in the story has "Shining" capabilities. Robert Englund is so good in "Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon". For instant proof, look no further than the diner scene.

#10 Phantom of the opera.gif

10. The Phantom of the Opera (1989)

A straight up more Horror version of this late 80's version of "The Phantom of the Opera" story. Englund just crushes role after role. It's no surprise why he was able to do the Freddy Krueger character so fuckin good. Erik the Phantom even has a hint of Krueger to his personality. This film was directed by Dwight H. Little, who directed the successful "Halloween 4 The Return of Michael Myers just a year prior.

#9 Hatchet.gif

9. Hatchet (2007)

A short, but, effective, and memorable role in the opening of this movie. So effective that this entry, part 2 and 3
have Mary-Beth avenging her father and brother"s death until the climax of "Hatchet 3"

#8 New Nightmare.gif

8. Wes Craven's New Nightmare - Himself (1994)

Just when you think Robert Englund can't outdo himself he literally does outdo himself. In "Wes Craven's New Nightmare" Many actors and filmmakers such as producers, and so forth play themselves. Englund plays a fictional version of himself who haunted in his dreams Hy the "real" Freddy Krueger. It's an interesting watch if you haven't seen it.

#7 Married with Children.gif

7. Married With Children Season 11 Episode 20 (1997)

This show had it all!!! Including a Robert Englund performance. Englund plays the devil himself taking Al Bundy's soul and sending him to Hell. Problem is, Al kinda likes it there until his family and neighbors show up, the latter which ended up there from dying after dancing on Bundy's grave. A hilarious football game ensues and another genius Robert Englund performance is perfected.

#6 Eaten Alive.gif

6. Eaten Alive (1977)

I'm not a huge fan of this movie, but, guess who stands out? That's right! Mr. Englund once again! He plays a horny fucker trying to get some butt from a prostitute who shut him down only to later on being assaulted by a hotel owner and fed to his pet crocodile. This movie has a famous line Quentin Tarantino tweaked for his movie "Kill Bill Vol. 1" said by Englund's character... "Name's Buck, and I"m rarin' to fuck.

#5 Urban Legend.gif

5. Urban Legend (1998)

A professor role that seems like Robert Englund can play with his eyes closed. Professor Williams Wexler is a red herring in this movie which is pretty obvious, but, Englund devours the role and delivers an act that makes you think... "maybe he is the killer".

#4 Zombie Strippers.gif

4 Zombie Strippers (2008)

The Danny Tanner of Horror movie strip club owners, Ian, played by Robert Englund, runs a strip club that gets infected by a soldier zombie. Englund is a scared, little fairy in this picture with a vendetta against germs. It makes for a funny watch with A+ delivery of lines from Mr. Krueger aka Robert Englund.

#3 Dance of the Dead.gif

3. Dance of the Dead - Masters Of Horror - (Season 1 - Episode 3) (2005)

The second on the list to join Robert Englund and Tobe Hooper as a team, the first being "Eaten Alive" this one titled "Dance of the Dead" for season 1 of the "Masters of Horror" TV show. I can get behind this odd piece of Horror cinema. One thing I can say about Tobe Hooper is that, he always made me say "wtf" when watching his films. Robert has a lot to do with me saying that with this movie. The highlight for me being when Englund's character "The MC" pistol whips a woman on the ground, although she wasn't scheduled a great person, the visual hits hard.

#2 The Mangler.gif

2. The Mangler. (1995)

An actual creepy villain of the story other than the fucked up, killer washing machine. Tobe Hooper directed Robert Englund again in this visually pleasant Stephen King story. William Gartley (Robert Englund) is a shrivelled old man with a cane. He runs a laundry service that ends up having a possessed piece of equipment. We see what the machine can do as Englund gives his best agonizing look on his face as he crushed and folded at the end of the film.


and the Number 1 Solid Robert Englund Performance is..








Wishmaster (1997)

#1 Wishmaster.gif

This movie is appreciable for so many reasons, the makeup, the directing and writing, the numerous Horror actors, one if them being the man himself... Robert Englund. A hint of Krueger at the beginning of the film is visible when Englund's character Beaumont's cringes as a reaction to his friend/assistant being crushed to death by a box containing a heavy statue. Robert's best acting in this film, in my opinion, is his lip quiver when the Djinn reveals his true face to him. Laughs for days.

I'm Dr.LoveGore imploring you to check out some of these Robert England performances of you haven't already see them. Until next week...take care!



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