By Dr.LoveGore

By Dr.LoveGore


I love to cook... always have. One thing my mother taught me at a young age is to be very careful when cooking with hot oil. Fires can start easily, the oil can splash back at you, it can spill causing a slippery mess, and God only knows what else can happen. Well, our beloved Horror genre has had enough "safety warnings" over the years. I suggest trying to avoid any of these "accidents" that are in this list. Here are the...


Top 11 Hot Oil Scenes In Horror

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Spoilers Ahead!





#11 Jason Goes To Hell.gif

11. Jason Goes to Hell (1993)

If you're behind the line in a restaurant, and a man who's already killed multiple people in front of you starts approaching while you're standing in front of a 350° fry-o-lator... run like hell. It doesn't matter if you have a pistol in hand or not. Just run away from the scorching, hot oil to avoid your face looking like this poor bastard up above.

#10 The Toxic Avenger.gif

10. The Toxic Avenger (1984)

This scene from 'The Toxic Avenger' will probably make more of my lists. It has a lot to offer in a short amount of time. The funniest gag in my warped mind was Toxie taking the time to put this "bad guy's" hands in the fryer basket before deep-frying them to a (un)healthy crisp. Why not just stick his hands directly in the hot oil? Toxie wanted to do it with style, I suppose.

#9 Blood Diner.gif

9. Blood Diner (1987)

This is a classic piece of “WTF” cinema from the late 80's. There's a whole lot going on in 'Blood Diner.' We have a brain in a jar that forces his two nephews to make a woman out of body parts - Frankenstein style. There's human meat being served as vegetarian food, (huh?) and a full body, deep-frying scene that goes wrong for the cook. The woman getting deep-fried has her head cooked, but her body unharmed. She tries to make a run for it only to have her head t-balled off her shoulders. Hahaha. This shit's funny.

#8 Drive Thru.gif

8. Drive Thru (2007)

Some wannabe gangstas talk shit into a fast-food speaker. They don't like the response they get, so they decide to go inside and assault whoever is on the other end of that speaker. An underrated killer clown named Horny has his way with these idiots and even introduces one of their faces to his friend named boiling, hot oil. I don't think the dude was mean muggin' anymore after this incident.

#7 Scream Queens.gif

7. Scream Queens [Se 1 Ep. 1] (2015)

'Scream Queens" was a goofy show, but it had some decent gore. In a prank gone wrong, Chanel, played by Emma Roberts, dunks her maid's face in boiling oil. The fryer was supposed to be off, but unfortunately for her maid, it was on, and her face ended up looking like cheap pizza that wasn't cook enough.

#6 American Horror Story.gif

6. American Horror Story: Coven [Se 3 Ep 2] (2013)

Ryan Murphy must love fried food. Much like 'Scream Queens' - 'American Horror Story' was created by him and has a deep-fryer scene in the third season. This is a clever way of doing it, too. Queenie is a "human voodoo doll." She can fuck a human up in any way she pleases without harming herself. In one scene, she chooses dipping her arm in fry-o-lator oil, turning a victim's arm into a giant chicken wing. All I can say after watching this part is - someone's gonna need a big ol' bottle of hot sauce for that massive wang!!!

#5 The Machine Girl.gif

5. The Machine Girl (2008)

I watched 'Tokyo Gore Police' then 'The Machine Girl' back in the late 2000's. It's been a while since I've seen both, but I favored the latter after happily viewing each one. This battered and fried arm moment stuck in my head - not because of the act itself, but because of the woman's facial expression that's doing the frying. She's happier than a hog in fecal matter. Scenes like these are why I love being blown away by Japanese Horror films.

#4 Ichi The Killer.gif

4. Ichi The Killer (2001)

One of my favorites, and one of my go-to films for gore moments is, indeed, 'Ichi The Killer.' I felt so bad for this poor sack of shit getting burning, hot, shrimp oil poured all over his back and head. He didn't even do what he was being accused of. Apparently, this is supposed to be some form of dark comedy. However, this is just too hardcore to be funny... that is until the torturer's barged in on and is asked "What the fuck are you doing?" - and his reply is - "Just a little torture." I can't front, I snicker every time I hear that line.

#3 The Horror Show.gif

3. The Horror Show (1989)

R.I.P. director and SFX artist James Isaac. The man knew his gore. Isaac's 'The Horror Show', also known as 'House 3', is similar to Wes Craven's 'Shocker.' I like them both equally, but let's focus on 'The Horror Show' which stars Lance Henriksen as a detective who hunts down a serial killer by the stupendous name of Meat Cleaver Max. While searching for him, the detective has to tread through a kitchen, finding a victim's hand in one fryolator, and their head in another. This is fun stuff right at the beginning and the movie still has more gore to offer afterwards.

#2 Return To Sleepaway Camp.gif

2. Return To Sleepaway Camp (2008)

This movie is not nearly as good as the original, but it does have funny as fuck death scenes and Big Pussy from 'The Sopranos.' It also has a lot... and I do mean a lot of the original characters who came back for this one - including Felissa Rose; even director Robert Hiltzik came back. This fryer death echoed the boiling water death from the 1983 film, but it's more gruesome. It may even be the best death scenes this movie has to offer.


1. Critters 2 (1988)

#1 Critters 2.gif

Mick Garris has a lot of TV movies to his name, most of them are Stephen King adaptations. Before collaborating with King, though, Garris had some other directing credits to put on his resume. One of them is 'Critters 2', and I can't help but love this movie almost as much as the first one. The Critters go wild in a kitchen of a restaurant they overran. These mischievous motha fuckas get into everything the kitchen has to offer - including cheeseburgers. It comes to an end when two bounty hunters enter, shooting the place up and landing one crite right into a fry-o-lator with hot oil! Because of this scene, 'Critters 2' is number 1 on this list!


I'm Dr.LoveGore asking you all to be safe when cooking with hot oil - there may just be a limb or crite inside your pan or fry-o-lator.



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