By Dr.LoveGore

By Dr.LoveGore

We're going for a certain power tool this week. So grab onto your tool belt, find something to fix, or a face to rip through, as we go through...


The Top 10 Drill Kills/Uses







#10 The Dorm that dripped blood.gif

10. The Dorm That Dripped Blood AKA Pranks (1971)

I love this movie. It is exactly what one (a horror fan) would think when hearing "slasher film". The whodunit is efficient enough as well as the kills...the unrated version even more so, especially this drill scene. It kind of makes me wonder why it got cut so bad considering this film came out in the early 80 where I personally feel Horror movies (especially slashers) weren't cut as deep as late 80's "slashers" when it came to censorship.

#9 Body Double.gif

9. Body Double (1984)

Brian De Palma is great. He's brilliant at almost every subject he tackles. To be honest, I don't think I've seen a film of his I didn't like. I've even stayed away from "Snake Eyes" for 20 years because I heard it wasn't his best work. So, he still has a clean record with me. In "Body Double" we're treated to a bloody drill through the body/table, scene. Brian De Palma is a master of showing some good in-between gore. He shows us the whole shebang sometimes or, he shows us just enough so we think we saw more, like the chainsaw scene in "Scarface". People still to this day tell me they saw a man's arms get cut off in that movie. This drill scene may seem less bloody but it actually shows a little more than the scene I just mentioned. De Palma, you rock!

#8 The Toolbox Murders.gif

8. The Toolbox Murders (1978)

A film I go back to at least once a year. A film that is also respected. It may be true the middle drags compared to the beginning and the end, but, the middle actually moves the story along. Call me a fuckin fan. I think the kills could have been a beard hair bloodier but, they still impart. This drill to the arm looks like a hurtful time. Yeeeeah!!! Also, I love a good whodunit!


7. Hostel (2005)

I have a love/dislike relationship with this movie. I probably have no right saying this, but, I feel Eli Roth got too nervous trying to please all the Horror and even non Horror directors that patted him on the back for his "Cabin Fever" flick. Go back and watch "Cabin Fever" then "The Green Inferno" and even "Thanksgiving". Then if you have it in you, take a gawk at "Hostel 1" then "Hostel 2". Tell me part 1 isn't the furthest from that Eli Roth style I truly appreciate him for. After saying all that, I applaud this one on-screen bit of gore in the "Hostel" film...drill through the leg.

#6 Patchwork.gif

6. Patchwork (2015)

A fresher movie on this list, "Patchwork". Sure to be a cult classic. I wasn't too surprised when I watched this due to the fact that a few people had mentioned seeing it and liking it so I gave it a go. I was happy to see the drill in the mouth gag near the end of the film because it was worthy of this list. The movie has gore in store for us blood loving whores. The story ain't too original but its approach to the substance is honorable. Drill in the mouth is a crisp idea.

#5 The Loved Ones.gif

5. The Loved Ones (2009)

I remember explaining this drill to the head scene to someone who I was giving a ride to work. He wasn't a big Horror fan so just imagine the look on his face when I got to the boiling water part. His face was stuck in an extreme locus. I had fun explaining to him, even more so, half way through when I realized my description of the scene was melting his brain. In all fairness though, this scene had the same affect on me when I watched it the first time... and second time. It's a vicious scene in a remorseless movie. This is one of those "torture porn" movies that doesn't get the flack like the rest of them do. It's reputation is deserving , and I can't think of a harder scene in this flick than the drill/boiling water bit. Although, those people in the basement were fucked up.

#4 Stagefright.gif

4. Stagefright (1987)

This beautiful slasher film takes it's time to get to the ripping of flesh...when it does mutilate though, it goes for the gut! The colors are gorgeous and the kills are as creative as a painters bright idea. The Italian style gives this a magic feel that only Giallos have. The killer is rocking a huge owl-head mask and does the nasty to some dude through a door with a drill. I recommend this for the owl mask alone.

#3 City of the living dead.gif

3. City of the Living Dead (1980)

Lucio Fulci. The man who wasn't scared to cut away. He knew how to do a proper death scene. This drill scene leaves the viewer with tension as thick as the blubber on a whale's belly. It goes for so long it's easy to think it's not gonna happen. In slowness, it echos the wood to the eye in "Zombie” (1979). It might not be as nasty as the juices in the eyeball squirting out, but, it looks real as fuckin fuck, and the drill goes through the neck...penetrating it very deeply. Gore is bonita!


2. The Driller Killer (1979)

What a way to be a human alarm clock. Time to wake up, fucker! The title tells you what to expect. I will say... there's no shortage of these drill kills from the driller killer. I laugh at this movie, but not because it comedic, because the material - dialog, tone, death scenes, are so extreme I kinda have to chuckle through the whole run time. This is also a 1979 slasher movie so it can't be called a "Friday the 13th" clone. I highly respect the gore this movie put out. So, pick your favorite drill kill from this movie... they all stand out, or just hawk at this drill to the front of the forehead.


And the winner for Top Drill Kill/Use is…..






1. Slumber Party Massacre 2 (1987)

#1 Slumber Party Massacre2.gif

The best way to be at the top of this list is to make a power drill out of a guitar in the 80's. The first one is good enough and has its weird, little, history. Part 2 steps into full blown slasher territory and blows the roof off. While making a phone call to 911, a woman gets the drill from the back through the chest. A scene like this deserves notoriety. I want this guitar by the way. I would walk down the street and stare at people as if I wasn't holding a musical instrument with a drill at the end. Might be the best slasher weapon ever concocted.


Honorable Mention


Pet Sematary 2

Drill to shoulder meat.


I'm Dr.LoveGore wishing you many safe travels to The Home Depot. See ya next week, Beyond The Voiders!!!


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