By Dr.LoveGore

By Dr.LoveGore


Killers in Horror movies tend to have decent-sized, to rather large-sized weapons. Some have invisible weapons, such as magic or voodoo. In squirmier death scenes, a big, bloody job can be completed with the smallest of implements. And that brings me to the topic of this list: box cutters. Indeed, box cutters can get a blood-soaked act done. I've compiled scenes involving this cruel weapon of choice and a couple of honorable mentions. Let's cut deep into the.…


Top 8 Box Cutter Scenes In Horror



8. Cold Prey.gif

8. Cold Prey (2006)

This is the only scene on this list that's bloodless… I promise.

After a murderer made all her friends bite the dust, Jannicke (Ingrid Bolsø Berdal) ends up playing dead while trying to figure out how to get away alive. Lucky for her, one of the corpses she has the displeasure of lying next to has a box cutter in its pocket. That box cutter ends up in the killer's neck, and Jannicke flees. It's a gratifying moment that can get an audience's blood pumping.

In fact, I think it's time for me to revisit this movie. I remember thinking 'Cold Prey’ and its sequels were average, to a little above average, at best. That was around 6 or 7 years ago, so, I'm gonna give all three another shot.

7. Holidays.gif

7. Holidays [Valentine's Day] (2016)

‘Valentine's Day’ isn't a terrible first segment to start off this anthology. I do wish it took more chances with its gore, but there is some in its short runtime. The story begins with high-school bullying going on during the girls swim class. The main bully reminds her victim of the self-inflicted scars on her arm that was done using a trusty box cutter.

Let's just say that box cutter is put to use again. And even though the scene I'm talking about is shot from afar, the payoff that follows it is pretty fulfilling.

6. Maniac.gif

6. Maniac (1980)

Frank Zito played by Joe Spinell (R.I.P.) is a sick puppy in this movie. Only a handful of movies have made me feel a bit filthy while watching them. The original ‘Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ is one, and 'Maniac’ is another. Grittiness pours out of the screen and into the bloodstream of the viewer. Tom Savini took care of the special fx, so they look real, which also means they look nasty.

Yes, this is a scalping scene, but the scalping is done with this week's hardware of choice. So, sit back and enjoy the GIF.

5. Shock.gif

5. Shock (1977)

'Shock’ is the late, great Mario Bava's last theatrical film, and an awesome last film it is.

The story fucks with your head as it unfolds. Even near the end after all is revealed, it still dances on the viewer's brain. Bava has a lot of components in this movie. One of those components is a supernatural angel, and Mr. Bava make us wonder if it's real or not until the very last frame. I won't say if it is or isn't.

‘Shock’ has many box cutter moments, but I had to choose just one. And I had to go with what I thought was the bloodiest.

4. Splinter.gif

4. Splinter (2008)

Every once in a while I get reminded of this film, whether it be through conversation, or just trying to figure out what the name of that weird creature/slasher movie is that took place in a gas station. 'Splinter’ is its name and I love going back to it. It's fuckin’ balls to the wall and beyond. The acting is a fine ingredient this movies cooks up, and the violence is amazing, to downright cringey. Much like when a limb is bitten by a zombie, when a character in this movie has a body part infected by this splintery creature, they have to dismember it before it spreads. Well, there just so happens to be nothing around to amputate an arm except for a box cutter, and the camera doesn't hold back. I wonder why director Toby Wilkins doesn't direct more often, 'cause I sure wish he did!

3. Green Room.gif

3. Green Room (2015)

This is a vicious movie and stars one of my favorite actors of this generation who sadly lost his life in a tragic accident, Anton Yelchin (R.I.P.).

After taking a last-minute gig at a club filled with Neo-Nazi skinheads, a band finds themselves defending their lives due to one of the members accidentally walking in on a murder. There's disturbing ferocity that's in-your-face and might make those with a weak stomach turn away. It's a good movie, but again, not for the faint of heart.

This GIF is from a scene that just barely touches on the carnage of the rest of the film.

2. Evil Dead.gif

2. Evil Dead (2013)

I still struggle with liking this movie as a whole. I've watched it a few times, and other than Jane Levy's 'Mia’, I feel the characters are unlikable.

But it's fun to check out all the gore scenes.

Most people know the scenes I'm talking about whether they've watched the movie or not. This one may stand out due to it having the power to make people watching it feel the tongue-splitting pain as it happens. Fede Álvarez is a superb director and knows how to please gorehounds. I think this movie may have the best chainsaw scene in the history of cinema.


1. Tamara (2006)


‘Tamara’ is a Horror movie from 2006 that may or may not have inspired the 2009 movie, ‘Jennifer's Body’. Whether it did or not, the comparisons are there. But, if my memory serves me correctly, 'Tamara’ whipped up the bloody desserts a tad better. This movie has glass-chewing, finger-nibbling, a head-cracking and of course, a box cutter scene. It has a tone that is… dark… yet, fun. However, this scene is brutal. Tamara's first victim mutilates his own face. In this GIF it's just the tongue. If you want to see the whole scene play out, the movie is streaming for free on Vudu and Tubitv or, you can probably just google the scene. I'd say give the whole movie a try if you have the time.


Honorable Mention


Box Cutter [‘Short Film] (2015)

Box Cutter.gif

Honorable Non-Horror Mentions


Breaking Bad Season 4 Episode 1 - (2011)

Breaking Bad.gif

This may be the best and grisliest box cutter scene ever!!!


Facts about box cutters (Also known as utility knives)


Source: Wikipedia

In the United Kingdom, the law was changed (effective 1st October 2007) to raise the age limit for purchasing knives, including utility knives, from 16 to 18


Source: Police Officer that pulled me over

Box cutters can be considered a concealed weapon even if you use one for your everyday job. Even the tiny ones that fit on a key ring can be considered a concealed weapon.


This is Dr.LoveGore signing off and begging you all to please use ya box cutters carefully!



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