If you've stumbled upon this piece and have yet to read part one I suggest you check it out as we cover season one as well as a bit of my personal history with the Exorcist franchise. You can do so by clicking the following link, otherwise, enjoy our review for season two.


Moving into the second season, there are a few changes to be noticed. First and foremost, likely the most predictable difference is that the Rance family is no longer part of the series. This is simple to explain and understand. Their story is over for good or at least the time being and if it wasn't, I would have to question the sanity of the writers as the idea of the same family, going over the exact same issues with only a single way of ridding themselves of said issue is going to lead to viewers changing the station in a heartbeat.

Fortunately, the writers have had a plan brewing since the beginning, allowing them to create a new plot with its own unique purpose and personalized sets of twists and turns to keep us all guessing as to what will happen next from the seasons beginning all the way through to its final episode where another series of questions arise allowing us to move towards another chapter of the series. If we're lucky enough to get one, which is a subject I will be touching on nearing the close of this article.


Another change that you will notice fairly quickly, is that Thomas seems to be going through a series of incredibly odd day dreams to which he believes them to be visions from God, allowing him to enter the minds of those being held hostage by a demon and telling him what outcomes for certain decisions he makes may be. This gift he now claims to hold is giving Thomas a very visible sense of entitlement which aids in making the layout of the story much more interesting.

Has he started to lose his mind? Is it possible that what he's seeing is actually a gift from God or just a series of delusions coming from another outside source?

With that said, going over to Marcus we see that he is still abrasive, hardened and always meaning business while dealing with Thomas. Although staying the same, we get to once again delve more into his history but also get a glimpse into his personal life as it currently stands. Something I was actually curious to find out about when first meeting the character in season one.


We also get a variety of new characters for this season's storyline which include the likes of John Cho who's from a variety of franchises including Harold and Kumar, Star Trek and most notably one of the two men who popularized the term MILF in the American Pie films (if you're old enough to remember them that is) as well as Brianna Hildebrand, likely known best as Negasonic Teenage Warhead from the Deadpool film and it's upcoming sequel as well as the recently released Tragedy Girls while the remainder of the cast don't have such poor l popular credits to their names but all come together perfectly to help the show flow.

Something different that season two offers us is the subtle (and a few obvious) uses of Legion throughout the story. If you're unaware as to what Legion is, it is a book which was written by author William Peter Blatty, writer of the Exorcist and serves as said books sequel. You may also recognize some of these uses as being pulled from Exorcist III, the movie which is primarily based off of Legion.

As far as comparison and preference, I would watch the second season over the first any day of the week! Between the flow, the characters, the deeper delving into the church and their affiliations with any happenings around them as well as the same with the demons themselves if truly a fantastic watch, but keep in mind that you need to watch both seasons in order to fully comprehend and understand the intricacies of the story.

With the current available show discussion now complete, I want to take a dive into the shows future. Something that has been questioned not only due to the ratings, but thanks to Fox being acquired by Disney.

One news source stated that Disney wouldn't have any use for a show such as The Exorcist as they “have too many skeletons in their closet already” and believe that a show about demonic possession is somehow going to release said skeletons. I personally think that's likely the most ridiculous thing I've ever read in my life but free speech is a true thing and I respect their thoughts on the matter.

Personally, I believe Disney would have plenty of use for a show of this nature. With the upcoming Netflix like streaming service they are looking to introduce, content will be key. Not to mention the fact that Disney knows when they see a good show and will go out of their way to push promotion on it in order to get the eyes out needs on the product this helping the series out in the long run.

Is it possible that the site gets cancelled altogether? Of course, but I'm leaning towards season three getting picked up rather than not.



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