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Written by Michaelbrent Collings

She is one of the only animals

who can chase a lion from its kill...

Evie Childs hoped the all-expense-paid trip to Africa would give her a chance at adventure. Maybe it would even let her forget a past that haunts her, and find safety from a husband who abuses her.

Her jaws can crush bone to powder...

But when a group of "freedom fighters" kidnaps her safari tour group, intent on holding them for ransom, the adventure turns to nightmare.

She knows no mercy, only hunger...

Now, Evie and the rest of the survivors must travel across miles of the harshest, most dangerous environment on Earth. No food. No water. No communications.

And they're being hunted.

She is the only animal alive

who laughs as she hunts...


Although I love to read, I typically keep my opinion to myself when it comes to most literature. This makes things difficult for me as I receive multiple offers to do book reviews throughout the span of a year. On occasion, I do check out the odd review copy and tend to not totally enjoy what I find between those pages (or on the screen depending on the format I am sent).

Luckily, Predators was not just a great read, it is a fantastic example of how to build up multiple important characters in such a thorough way that they stick with you long after you’ve finished reading and the ability Collings portrays in doing so is breathtaking as each and every character he puts into the story all have a specific purpose to their being. There are no such thing as background characters with Predators and I couldn’t appreciate that aspect more than in any book I’ve ever read before.

Even though everyone is given a comprehensive back story, your main focus should be on the incredible, resilient, intelligent and strong female characters who make this read truly fascinating and though I would like to dive into more details about these characters separately, I’m going to leave it spoiler free to allow you, as a reader, to fully indulge ever detail regarding these women including their past and how it may help or hinder them in their current situation in the story.

I tend to shy away from major terms seemingly all reviewers would typically say such as “tour de force” but I honestly can’t think of a better way to describe Collings work here. The aforementioned use of the female characters is again, a major factor in why I enjoyed it but the fact that it’s not only about female empowerment assists in giving it its edge. Through perfectly described details of the sacrifices, thoughts, characters and actions, it would be impossible for readers to not be able to clearly paint themselves a vivid mental visualization of everything they’re taking in.

Even now thinking back on what I had read, I am able to visualize it as if it was a film or television series that I watched, playing back the most important parts in my mind constantly. This is the type of impact a story needs to have on its audience and I honestly believe that this has now become one of my favourite books of all time.

9 out of 10! I’m truly looking forward to all of Collings future works!

**** You can pick up a copy of PREDATORS on Amazon here!



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