If you're one of our older readers, somewhere along the lines of thirty years and up, there's no doubt that you've had a feeling of nostalgia at some point in time

Whether it's from an old film, a re-released or remake of a childhood television series, film or even a toy that you held dearly in your youth which has miraculously made a comeback so many years later, you're able to look at whatever it may be and slip back in time to when you enjoyed your first taste of it.

Danny McBride

Danny McBride

Lately, I've been thrilled with all of these things coming back, from Ninja turtles, classic bubble gum and newly restored 4K versions of films I couldn't live without as a kid and have dove in head first to relive all they've had to offer.

The other day I was pleased to read that Danny McBride, who is writing the latest addition to John Carpenter's Halloween series, will be taking his cues from the original film and keeping out most of the blood and gore which is seemingly synonymous throughout the entire series and will go back to a psychological type of horror, allowing viewers to let their imaginations take over.

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I for one, was absolutely thrilled to see that this will would be taking place but immediately started to have thoughts of concern for this film style.

Will the newer generation of fans be accepting of this new-to-them type of horror? Will their minds, being overwhelmed with media, technology and not-so-useful information contemplate their ability to process these gruesome scenes in their own way? Or will they be so used to the fact that a slasher film these days are loaded with over the top special effects that they are simply desensitized to something so simple and will lose interest in the film within a matter of minutes.

from Left to right.  Jason Blum, Malek Akkad, David Gordon & Danny McBride

from Left to right.  Jason Blum, Malek Akkad, David Gordon & Danny McBride

The fact is, this new generation of horror fans are much more intelligent with the information regarding anything available at their fingertips thanks to their phones, computers and tablets. With that being said, if they are paying attention to the film, they may end up with some of the biggest scares in their lives thanks to this aforementioned information they have stored in their minds.

If it's successful, we are likely going to see another uprise on these types of films, kind of like a throwback to late 70’s and early 80’s horror films with a modernized twist and I for one am going to welcome these films with open arms!

What do you think? Is Danny McBride bathing up the wrong tree or is he up to something fantastic?



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