I earlier wrote about my review on the lastest Hellraiser film. The chances of meeting a films star through a social media comments section is quite improbable. Lucky for myself as well as for readers, this small back and forth turned into a full interview with the Hellraiser Judgment star, Alexandra E. Harris.


LongLiveTheVoid: First, I want to welcome you and thank you for doing this interview with us today!

Alexandra: Thank you for having me!

LongLiveTheVoid:  As there isn’t much information about you online aside from your IMDB biography, could you tell readers a little bit about yourself?

Alexandra: Let's see... outside of acting? I love to travel - that's probably the first thing someone who knows me well would tell you. I love experiencing new cultures. Anything outdoorsy is a big draw for me - camping, hiking, weekend road trips! But I have to be driving, I get terribly car sick. I love new and interesting food - I'll often plan trip destinations around food I want to try!

LongLiveTheVoid:  Would you consider yourself a fan of the horror genre and if so, what are some of the film's you admire or those which have had some form of inspiration on you?

Alexandra: You know I never really considered myself a horror fan per sé - I'm a movie fan in general. However, Getting involved with this film franchise has really opened my eyes to the genre. There's such a sense of community. People are incredibly passionate about horror films! It's awesome.

I've always been a fan of Jamie Lee Curtis. She's such a chameleon across genres but Halloween was definitely a defining role for her. I'm excited to see her return to the franchise this year as Laurie!


LongLiveTheVoid:   What are your feelings regarding the state of the genre today in comparison to the boom it had throughout the 80’s?

Alexandra: I think the horror genre is making a comeback right now. The kids and young adults that made up the original fan base for these movies are now the ones running the show. They're looking to the originals for inspiration. It's created a unique opportunity to be a part of something fresh while trying to remain loyal to an existing fan base.

LongLiveTheVoid:   Do you feel like these types of films are becoming darker in a sense or have advancements in technology and special effects over the past several years made the same scenarios more interesting or entertaining for viewers?

Alexandra: The film industry in general has changed so much since the 80s. I think the reason horror in particular has changed so drastically is because of the advancements in technology. They're able to make things seem so real, which inevitably makes things darker.


LongLiveTheVoid:  As February is women in horror month, what are your thoughts on how women are portrayed in the genre throughout its history as opposed to today? I personally feel like this genre was one of the first to acknowledge the presence of strong female characters but I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Alexandra: Horror was definitely a pioneer when it comes to strong female characters. Occasionally the genre seems to fall into the trap of portraying women solely as sex symbols... but I guess that's true across the board. I absolutely agree that horror as a whole has placed women in a position of power from the beginning. I love that.

LongLiveTheVoid:  As a follow up to the last question, what are your thoughts on the character of Christine Edgerton, whom you portray in Hellraiser Judgement, and how she could be pegged more so as the films hero in place of a scream queen?


Alexandra: Christine Egerton is such a unique character. She's so strong and independent but maintains this innocence... she's not jaded...however that may not be true for her going forward. The role really stands on its own she doesn't have a support system to fall back on in the film, no family or love interest - she takes care of herself. I would agree that she doesn't fall under the scream queen category. It's fitting that she's the only one to walk away - she was focused and she did what she had to do!

LongLiveTheVoid:   The first tidbit of conversation we had leading to this interview was your response to my Instagram comment regarding the film having a few scenes which physically made me gag, in response, you stated felt the same way while on set. Could you explain to us a little bit about this alongside your experience as a whole on set?

Alexandra: The experience as a whole was fantastic. Director Gary Tunnicliffe really created a fun atmosphere - which really counteracted the dark nature of the film.

You know I like to think I have a fairly strong constitution - but there were definitely moments during filming that I had to work to keep it together. Like I mentioned earlier they are able to make things look so realistic. Being my first experience with gore and prosthetics - it was hard to separate what was real and what wasn't. But it wasn't just me! The crew was gagging too!!



LongLiveTheVoid:   Considering Judgement, in my personal opinion, was a great film which could potentially revive a brand which most fans consider to be a dead series and the fact that you're essentially the film's sole survivor, in the chance a sequel is made, would you consider returning to the franchise to reprise your role?

Alexandra: Absolutely- I'd love to continue forward playing Christine. I think the story line has lots of potential.


LongLiveTheVoid:   As a writer, producer and actress, I thought it would be fun to ask you this. What film, no matter new or a remake, would you want to be part of and in what way? Either creatively or from an acting standpoint.

Alexandra: I could try to think of something artsy and cool to tell you... but honestly the first thing that popped into my head was Harry Potter. Both creatively and as an actor - that would be beyond amazing. I love the world JK Rowling created. Not a remake though! A spinoff of some sort - like fantastic beasts. Maybe something focused on the opposite side? Death-eaters and Voldemorts rise to power... that would be cool.


LongLiveTheVoid:  Is there anything else in which you are currently working on for the future which you could share with us?

Alexandra: Yes! I recently finished filming a psychological thriller that's currently in post production. It's called All Light Will End - I'll post more information as it comes my way.

LongLiveTheVoid:  Where can readers find you?

Alexandra: You can find me on instagram! I love connecting with people on social media. My handle is @alexerinharris

LongLiveTheVoid:   I want to take this opportunity to once again thank you for taking the time to talk to us and we wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors!

Alexandra: Hey it's my pleasure! Same to you.


Kyle is an all around lover of horror. Mainstream, Underground and more! He's passionate about the community we all belong to. 



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