When sent the screener for Hectic Knife, I was told one thing. Be as brutal as possible. This seemed like it was going to be a fun challenge and something different from my normal take on films of where I take the good and the bad and use both to analyze a film in order to bring readers the absolute truth regarding what they could expect from a film without ruining anything for potential viewers.


This has garnered me a fan base of people who wait to view a film, until a time in which I am able to provide them with said information.  So, I'm going to throw my regular routine out the window for today in order to attempt to do what was asked of me by those providing me with our movie for this review.

For starters, Hectic Knife is a Troma film which gives you a good idea of what a viewer would be witnessing and would aid me in dropping my standards to what I thought would be a proper level.

Boy, was I ever wrong!

The story follows the title character and makeshift superhero, Hectic Knife, in a battle against the evil, drug dealing mad man, Piggly Doctor.

Directed by Greg DeLiso who also co wrote the film alongside Peter Litvin who played the role of our embarrassment of a hero, purposely pieced together what I could only refer to as a cinematic disaster.

The story line, if we could call it this, was simple but confusing thanks to the addition of ridiculously long scenes regarding bizarre nonsense which includes but is not limited to the counting of money, drawn out killings and murders, word repetition on top of a prolonged conversation regarding bagels. Yes, you read that correctly. Freaking bagels.

From an acting standpoint, it was clear that all those who participated were instructed to either make themselves seem visibly horrendous or to purposefully chew the scenery as often as possible. I also use the word instructed as this was clearly what the filmmakers were trying to attain in order to get the proper backyard, VHS, low budget cheese they desired when coming up with the idea of this particular movie.


There are also several on screen gags which point towards how awful their presentation was meant to be. Considering schlocky and ridiculous is what they were going for, I must admit that they really hit the nail on the head.

If you love blood, guts, gore, ridiculousness, piss poor acting and more, yet don’t particularly care about a story line, or feel like gathering friends together with drinks in order to have a laugh or two, this will be right up your alley. Otherwise, don't waste your time.

As a low budget, nonsensical film which offers gore for the sake of gore, I give it a 3 out 10. Had I come into this without a clue of what I was going to witness, it would likely be a 1 out of 10 but we will stick with 3 for today.


Watch The Trailer HERE!

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