By Alex King

By Alex King


***EDIT UPDATE** Since posting this article the horror community has come together to pinpoint all the traits in the Zombie 3 poster. As I mentioned in the video portion of this article there was another movie with a fist that this poster used and we pinpointed it down to “Force Five”. However, not only have we nailed that piece down with the inclusion of Nightmare On Elm Street 3, but it seems one of the posters on the Severin Films post has found the others. Here is a picture embracing the entire gamut of borrowed pics. Seems that in order to make Zombie 3 work they borrowed from a lot. Including Absurd and even Peter Cushing in Tales From The Crypty (1972). Really shows you that the horror community is pretty great.

**ORIG article**

As some of you may know we reviewed Lucio Fucli’s Zombie 3 & Claudio Fragasso’s Zombie 4 After Death this week on Beyond The Void Horror Podcast (Listen Here). What has spawned from this episode and a simple poster has spawned into quite the talking piece of coincidences. Believe me we’ve had quite a few on since our start. Be sure to check the video for the comparison at the end.


It can be heavily debated on whether or not Zombie 3 is a good film as even Fulci himself has said "I don't repudiate any of my movies, except Zombi 3. But that movie's not mine. It's the most foolish of my productions. It has been done by a group of idiots." Now, one thing I think most horror fans can agree on is that of the cover artwork for the movie Zombie 3 is absolutely kick ass. It’s beautiful display of color and concept is really unique and even if you hate the movie you have to appreciate the work that went into this.

Now I can’t confirm this 100% yet (and my apologies if I should know this for certain) but we believe the artwork is done by famous artist Enzo Sciotti. Who has done many works with other Italian horror movie covers including The Beyond, City of the Living Dead, Manhattan Baby, Demons and many more. If you have seen the poster for Demons you will notice that the lettering is the same as Zombie 3. If anyone knows for sure please be sure to let us know.

One of our listeners to the podcast Jared Djerks pointed out how the cover shared a very familiar element in the poster with that of artwork Matthew Peak who did the Artwork for Nightmare On Elm Street, Part 2, Part 3 Dream Warriors, Part 4 The Dream Master and many more. If you look closely at the eyes of his work in the Dream Warriors poster you might notice a similarity with the Zombie 3 poster. This is something that Jared said “I actually have this DVD from a multi-pack I bought like 14 years ago and it’s bothered me since.”

Nick Ehst & Alex King

Nick Ehst & Alex King

After some Photoshop overlapping, re-sizing and video work. I found that It’s pretty uncanny but.. I am not here to judge. I too am a fan of both. Even as I write this another listener (Nicholas Ehst) is headed over to my house to provide the podcast with an original print of the Zombie 3 Movie Poster (framed) as a thanks and donation. Part of his reason in doing so is that I mentioned that I absolutely love the poster. So you know that I am a fan of this artwork. Thank you Nick it’s got a great home.

Higher resolution comparison in video below

Higher resolution comparison in video below

So, I went to work on trying to piece the puzzle together and I have provided a video below that overlaps both the Zombie 3 Poster with the Nightmare On Elm Street 3 Dream Warriors poster so that you can decide for yourselves. The only inkling of the two posters being compared is from where they mention the release of Severin Films Zombie 3 release stating “A zombie fist? A giant demon head? A reject poster from Italy's answer to A Nightmare on Elm Street?“ I mean it wouldn’t be the first time a movie tried to mimic one of the classics and slightly change things around. There is practically an entire sub genre of horror dedicated to rip offs.

What do you guys think? Was the Zombie 3 poster inspired by the cover of Dream Warriors? Is this closest that Freddy Krueger will ever come to the Zombie franchise? I wonder what the hell that kind of movie would be like if it were combined.

One things for sure, I am a big fan of both for various reasons and there is no doubt they are both very talented artists in the genre.

NOTE** If you love the poster like I do. You can pick one up from Severin Films Here.

See for yourself in the footage below if you believe it is the same.



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