WTF did I just watch?

Mystics In Bali (1981) & House (1977)



Oh BOY! A new episode of weirdness! We pick 2 movies that take you down the rabbit hole of weirdness. Chock full of odd gore and confusion. We chose House (1977) a story about a girl and her friends who visit their aunt only to be eaten by the house itself in strange and happy ways. Then we dive into Mystics In Bali (1981) a story about a black magic and a woman's head that removes from the body and feeds on the blood of woman and infants. What the heck? Yeah... We take a “Mac Attack” #horrorshot this week plus the news! Don't miss out!

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So grab your black magic, don't forget your watermelons and be sure to grab your kitty cat as we travel Beyond The Void!