By Kyle Laugh

By Kyle Laugh


Camp Death III in 2-D (2018)

Written and Directed by Matt Frame (No Joke, Baghdad or Bust)

Starring: David Peniuk (The Wrong People, Imaginary Mary, The Romeo Section), Angela Galanopoulos (The Unauthorized Melrose Place Story, Michelle’s, Ice), Starlise Waschuk (Adventures of a Pizza Guy, Three Colours of Canvas, Gettin’ In) and Darren Andrichuk (Three Hours Till Dead, The Evil in US, The Widower)

'Camp Death III in 2D' is a comedy/horror parody of 'Friday the 13th Part III in 3D' and is proudly presented in two dimensions.

When Alex approached me about reviewing this film I had many reservations just from the name of the film alone. The initial thought was that someone was simply trying to make a quick horror sequel to an unknown franchise and although I don’t mind jumping into low budget films, the idea of jumping into the middle of the series without context was a ridiculous request. Airing out my concerns, I was told that this was actually a one off comedy and horror mashup.

This news was intriguing to me, so I got into the trailer as soon as I could and wouldn’t you know it, this is was in fact an over the top horror / comedy not unlike a “Scary Movie” which, if you are unaware, was a parody film series which would take scenes from a mix of (at the time) current and classic horror films and made fun of them.

It was so over the top that there was no way that I could refuse a chance to take a look at this film.

Before we get into it, I would be remiss if I didn’t give you all a heads up, specifically those that are easily triggered by things which may insult others, that they are all over this film and that they are there for the purpose of comedy and not to piss anyone off. If you get offended by things easily, please just avoid this film.

Now that we have that out of the way,we can chat about the film!

Camp Death 3 - Still 4.jpg

As previously mentioned, Camp Death III in 2-D is essentially a parody film which takes a variety of different films including the most obviously used Friday the 13th, tid-bits of Sleepaway Camp, Star Wars and many more.

Going into this, you see that they have taken the premise of the Friday The 13th and flipped it on it’s head by presenting the killer’s backstory with his mother as a puppet, newspaper articles from the varied events which have happened at the camp being thrown on screen while introducing the actors and crew. Not only a cool effect for an intro but a quick way to build up the films backstory without wasting unnecessary screen time and by the end of this “intro”, you already know the level of ridiculousness your getting yourself into.

The comedic aspect is off the charts here and may have been pushed too far to a degree as the storytelling isn’t really following anything specific and goes all over the place. I appreciate the effort on their part to create something of this nature but a little less comedy in some areas would have helped bring the final act into better perspective and may have made it make more sense. Although, I highly doubt that succeeding with a clear ending was what they were aiming for considering everything they’ve done throughout the film.

In all, if you want a good laugh, Camp Death III in 2-D is something I highly suggest to you but if you’re looking for something with more of a horror edge to it, I would skip this one as everything presented is essentially a giant joke.

As this is a different type of film, I feel like a different rating system would have to be placed in order to get the appropriate number. For the comedic aspect, 7 out of 10 and for the horror aspect 2 out of 10.

As a grand total, i’d have to say this is a 5 out of 10.

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