Written By    Kyle Laugh

Written By Kyle Laugh

The new Netflix original horror / comedy film was released on Friday, October 13th.

As of this review being posted, the film is rated a 6.6 out of 10 on IMDB, a 60% on Rotten Tomatoes and an 89% approval rating from Google users.

The film follows thirteen year old Cole finding out that his babysitter, Bee, is the leader of a miniature cult who require to make human sacrifices and how he must manage to deal with the issue himself.


It stars Samara Weaving, Bella Thorne, Robbie Amell and Judah Lewis.

I was thrown at first that a thirteen year old would be in need of a babysitter but within the first fifteen minutes, my worries had been quelled as they would show viewers that the kid is basically scared of his own shadow and he himself prefers to have the company of the sitter whom he had a very visible crush on to top it off.

Now, you may be looking at this babysitter and asking yourself “where have I  seen Samara Weaving from before?” She was the center of controversy during the last presidential elections when a picture of her face, bloody and bruised, was released to the media claiming she was beat due to her political views.

These claims were quickly falsified as Bruce Campbell himself announced that the photo was taken as a makeup test in which Weaving had done prior to her three episode run on Ash Vs. Evil Dead where she played an injured hiker.


Beyond that, Weaver's role was much smaller than I had anticipated it being. Nonetheless, this was far from a bad thing as she was surrounded with the likes of Bella Thorne who played her role to perfection, mostly providing comedic relief at what seemed to be the best times.

My biggest admiration in the film however had to be Robbie Amell ( The Tomorrow People, The Flash ) who plays an energetic, possibly mentally deranged individual with a heart of gold.


I believe his character had the best mix of horror and comedy and also tops it all off with a small Easter egg which salutes a certain camp killer we are mostly all fond of and which I believe was an ode to the film's release date, that obviously being on a Friday the thirteenth.



Overall, this felt like a mix between Home Alone and Halloween with a dash of The Guardian mixed in and plays out as more of a comedy than anything else.

With that said, you cannot dismiss it's horror quantity
as they do a considerable job with its originality and effects when it comes to the variety of kills included.

With the ability to explore these aforementioned kills while giving us a simple to follow storyline, The Babysitter is a fun watch for both fans and non-fans of the genre alike. Sure, there are a few unrealistic things that happen here and there, but it's all for fun in order to entertain viewers which I personally appreciate.

Considering Halloween is basically in full swing, this is a perfect film to get into the spirit of the season with!

8 out of 10


The Babysitter is currently available to stream on Netflix for Streaming


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