By Kyle Laugh

By Kyle Laugh


Resident Evil II Remake On Sale For PC & PS4 Gamers!

You read that right folks! If you’re a PC gamer who’s looking to grab the upcoming remake of Resident Evil II which is being released on January 25th, take a look here as you can save 21% off of your pre-order!

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New Evil Dead Game Teased by Bruce Campbell

According to Bruce Campbell (The Evil Dead, TV’s Burn Notice), there’s definitely a chance that a new Evil Dead game is in the works, with the actor responding to a fan query asking if the IP could have a new gaming installment soon. Campbell didn’t go into specifics as to what the project might entail, but he did say that “yes”, players could be given the ability to play as Ash yet again at some point in the future.

Source: GameRant


Layton crash blamed on teen attempting the Bird Box Challenge

Police say the girl was driving with a beanie lowered over her eyes. People nationwide taking part in the viral challenge have been attempting to do tasks while blindfolded. In this case, police say, she was trying to see if she could navigate her truck with her eyes covered.

Source: KSL News Radio


Final Destination' Reboot on the Way From 'Saw' Writers

According to The Hollywood Reporter, New Line Cinema has hired horror writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan to reboot the Final Destination series. The duo is known for penning the scripts to four of the Saw movies, as well as Piranha 3DD and the upcoming Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.



Original Michael Myers Actor Nick Castle Wants to Return in Halloween [Sequel]

"I would love to do that, assuming it's something that John's involved with and hopefully that Jamie and hopefully [director] David [Gordon Green] is gonna be a part of the sequel, too, 'cause he really did a great job, I think, on reimagining and figuring out what to with it. So we'll see what happens with it, but in general, I'm all for it, and it's a lot of fun. And also, it would depend, I guess, if I like what they came up with, 'cause you do, in a crazy way, feel a little responsibility in these things, because if you do it, then you're saying, 'Yeah, go see it.' So we'll see what they come up with."

Source: MovieWeb


James Hetfield's Acting Debut In Ted Bundy Movie To Premiere at Sundance Film Festival

Hetfield is once again working with Joe Berlinger, who is not only directing the Bundy biopic, but co-directed Metallica's 2004 documentary Some Kind of Monster. Hetfield has been cast to play Officer Bob Hayward, the Utah highway patrol officer who first arrested Ted Bundy in 1975. The movie is scheduled for it's worldwide premiere later this month.

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What We Do In The Shadows Series Premiere Date Set for March

What We Do in the Shadows is based on the 2014 vampire mockumentary film of the same name which follows a group of vampires (Waititi, Clement, Jonathan Brugh, Ben Fransham) who live together in modern-day Wellington, New Zealand as they go through the mundane tasks of everyday life and of rooming with other people, as well as bringing in a vampire (Cori Gonzalez-Macuer) just turned by the group.



Original Exorcist Director Says The Sequel Was The Worst Movie He’s Ever Seen

I tell you, I did see a great deal of Exorcist II, under the following circumstances. I was at the Technicolor lab, color timing something, and one of the timers said, 'We just finished Exorcist II, would you like to have a look at it?' And I don't know why, but I went into the room and I sat through maybe 40 minutes of it. It's the worst piece of shit I've ever seen. It's a fucking disgrace.

Source: CinemaBlend


Rob Zombie Has Completed 3 FROM HELL

Rob Zombie has taken to Instagram to announce that he’s completed 3 From Hell, the sequel to 2005’s The Devil’s Rejects. While plot details are kept very, very tight on this film, it’s confirmed that the core crew of Bill Moseley, Sheri Moon Zombie, and Sid Haig are all apart of the feature. Also in the film are Richard Brake, Karen Black, Danny Trejo, and Jeff Daniel Phillips.

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Release: January 15th, 2019

Format: DVD

Laurie Strode comes to her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.




Release: January 15th, 2019

Format: DVD

Halloween comes to life in a brand-new comedy adventure based on R.L. Stine’s 400-million-selling series of books.




Release: January 18th, 2019

Format: Theatrical

Following the conclusion of Split, Glass finds Dunn pursuing Crumb’s superhuman figure of The Beast in a series of escalating encounters, while the shadowy presence of Price emerges as an orchestrator who holds secrets critical to both men.



Escape Room is still having a decent run at the box-office over this last weekend even though it’s dropped down from the second spot down to the fifth, it’s still made an impressive mark at the box office taking in roughly $32.5 million over it’s $9 million budget. This is a massive success considering the film practically came from nowhere. Next week however, we have the theatrical premiere of Glass which is the conclusion to the “Unbreakable” trilogy.

Thus far, the critic reviews have been less than stellar but thanks to the amount of fans whom I’ve seen still wanting to see the final chapter in the series, I believe Glass will be able to take a fairly decent spot within the top three rankings at the box-office come this time next week.

Only time will tell but anything horror related, we’re happy to have such a film readily available for genre fans to go out and see for themselves.


The Isle


Set in 1846 on a remote island off the west coast of Scotland, where three survivors from a mysterious sinking of their merchant ship find themselves stranded on a small misty isle. The isle's four sole secretive residents, an old harbor man, a farmer, his niece and a young mad woman, are anything but welcoming and reluctant to aid the sailors back to the mainland. The promise of a boat never materializes leading one of the sailors to question why people had abandoned the island. Through his investigation he discovers that every year around the same date a tragedy at sea would occur and young men from the island would perish. When his two shipmates meet with fatal accidents, the myth of a ghostly siren haunting the island leads him to try and uncover the truth.


30 Miles From Nowhere

After the untimely death of their old college pal, five friends (and one new girlfriend) descend upon the Wisconsin summer home they frequented in their 20s. The creep factor at the cabin is high, with a thumping in the crawl space, blood spurting from the pipes, and a cockroach infestation in the guest bedroom. When a storm moves in, trapping them in the woods, they find themselves faced with the ultimate human dilemma, to kill or be killed, in order to make it to morning.


The Hole In The Ground

Sarah and her young son Chris move to a new home in the Irish countryside, next to a forest that hides an enormous sinkhole. One night, Chris vanishes, and when he reappears he seems unharmed and unchanged But, as his behaviour grows increasingly disturbing, Sarah begins to fear that the boy who has returned may not be her son at all.



A Haunting At Silver Falls 2

Several years after a deadly struggle with her serial killer aunt, Jordan, now in college, works to escape her troubled history. But when her aunts revenge-seeking specter surfaces to join forces with a deranged convict, Jordan must return to the haunted town of Silver Falls for a final showdown with the ghosts of her past.



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