By Dr.LoveGore

By Dr.LoveGore


Bodies being ripped in half at the waist, mildly disturbed me in my early teenage years. The first two scenes that come to mind are in this list; both have to do with an animal or monster biting a person in half. But really, any type of torso scene can assault the nerves. So this week on I put together a list of the...


Top 11 Twitching Or Crawling Torsos In Horror




11. From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

Ok, so, this torso has asscheeks; that's why he's number eleven. The actor was an actual amputee who was casted in director Robert Rodriguez's bloodthirsty film. I give the actor credit for making the best of his condition. On a gore note, this idea was genius. CGI can accomplish the same thing, but there's something satisfying about knowing you're looking at a practical effect. "From Dusk Till Dawn" just celebrated its 23rd birthday, so this scene being on this list is my late Happy Birthday present to the movie!

10. Child_s Play 2.gif

10. Child's Play 2 (1990)

Chucky won't let anything stop him, not even the inability to walk. After losing his lower body, Chucky wheels himself around to finish the job he started. Brad Dourif is so good as Chucky. Us Horror fans all know this, but really, even a scene like this is elevated by Chucky's delivery. It's funny, goofy and menacing at the same time, because, Dourif puts so much anger and liveliness in Chucky's voice.


9. Axe Giant: The Wrath Of Paul Bunyan (2013)

A giant, mutant Paul Bunyan slashes-up some people at a boot camp. If it's not taken seriously, this movie can be enjoyable. Paul Bunyan himself looks hysterical, which to me, makes it pretty fuckin' funny when he starts sending bodies flying. If you ever have those mongoloid nights where you just don't care how ludicrous the footage on your T.V. screen is...pop in Axe Giant: The Wrath Of Paul Bunyan.
This twitching torso can give you a hint of its impishness.


8. Saw: The Final Chapter (2010)

This bitch had two bastards she was getting dirty with, and she paid the price. By this movie, the "Saw" series was a pretty generic batch of Horror flicks - that doesn't mean they weren't any fun, though! That bitch I mentioned that's dangling from the ceiling gets turned into a torso, while her guts whip away from her body and a saw enters her midsection. Like I said...these movies are fun!


7. Lake Placid (1999)

This "Lake Placid" scene feels darker to me than the rest of the film. The comedic elements haven't kicked in at this point, because, it's so early on in the film. The first time I saw this poor, lake-swimming bastard get chomped in half, I felt for him. That being said, you wouldn't find me dancing around in those dirty ass lake waters.


6. The Walking Dead [Se 1 Ep 1] (2010)

I know..."The Walking Dead" seems to be on almost every one of my lists - it's not intentional - they just have a lot of fuckin death scenes and gore. This was the first episode where it's the only time a zombie looks like it was in pain. Maybe that was the expression of the human before they died due to them getting cut in half...who knows? It's a constructive moment that leads to more ruthless zombies the characters have to come across.


5. The Relic (1997)

Much like the poor sap at the beginning of "Lake Placid," this motha fucka gets bitten through. In this movie, it's a hideous monster that normally likes to rip heads off bodies, (hey, no complaints here) but this one S.W.A.T. Team member gets special treatment as his friends lift him back up through a skylight while his legs and buttocks are bitten off. We get a twitch right before his torso is lifted all the way up, then dropped on his back, continuing to bleed out.


4. Jason X (2001)

Nobody does it like Jason Voorhees. "Jason X" is better than it should be and I'm happy about that. 90% of the death scenes in this movie are tremendous. Slow neck cracks - a giant, twirling screw kill, a doubled down sleeping bag kill and many more. One of the more grisly deaths is this crawling torso. He thought he had Jason right where he wanted him, it appears he was wrong.

3. Blood Rage.gif

3. Blood Rage (1987)

"Blood Rage" is a fun slasher movie. For me it's impossible to take serious and that's why I love it. The kills are hard as fuck, but they don't feel that way because the movie is goofy. The actors play it straight, but that doesn't mean shit. The nicest person in this movie gets the most brutal death. Her body is separated at the waist and she twitches almost uncontrollably. To add to the bizarre factor, one of the "good" characters tries to put the pieces of the body back together.


2. Freaks (1932)

There's 2 torsos in this movie, but this gentlemen wielding a knife in his mouth looks more threatening to me. He was nicknamed "The Human Torso." There's a lot that can be said about this movie. For one, it apparently ended director Tod Browning's career. Another: it’s has actors with real deformities and medical conditions, which apparently didn't sit well with audiences in 1932. I personally don't think people should have a phobia of humans who were born with physical medical conditions. What's that say about a person who scoffs at the mere idea of these people being on screen?
Today, the movie has high complimented reviews. "American Horror Story: Freak Show's a sort of reboot of this film, and that's one of my favorite seasons.


1. Hatchet 2 (2010)


This torso started off crawling in his skin then hit us with a twitch when outside of his skin. I've heard someone say this is the best death scene they've ever seen - I don't agree, but it is really fuckin' badass. The film gives us a quick fight between Kane Hodder's Victor Crowley and Tony Todd's Reverend Zombie. Tony Todd's also the man that played "Candyman," so this was an epic showdown...while it lasted. Victor Crowley takes the hatchet to Reverend Zombie's waist, leaving his torso crawling for dear life until Crowley literally pulls him out of his own skin. It's done in a "slasher movie" kind of way, so it doesn't seem cruel or mean spirited. The visual is outstanding which is why it gets the number 1 spot on this list.


Honorable Mention


Stage Fright -1987


Braindead AKA Dead Alive (1992)

Alex’s Mention


I had to put this one in on the list because this movie is one of my favorites of all time and I will sneak it into any list any damn chance I can. :)


Honorable Non Horror Mention


9-1-1 [Se 1 ep 10] (2018)

Show 9-1-1.gif


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