By Kyle Laugh

By Kyle Laugh

Last Week In Horror: 5/21/18-5/27/18




A Serbian Auction???

Last Monday, the baby prop from “A Serbian Film” was placed up on eBay for auction with a bid quickly being placed on it for upwards of $6000. As the prop is no longer available on the selling site, people figured this meant that it had been sold. A week later, we’ve come to find out that said prop, was removed by the site, likely due to what it was used for in the film. The following is the update from this story.

Source: Bloody Disgusting



Jason Blum Teases Release Of “Halloween” Trailer

Reading tweets regarding why the trailer for the newest 'Halloween’ film had not yet been released, Jason Blum decided it was time to tease fans regarding the upcoming release of the trailer which is set to drop in early June. Nothing more has been indicated, but my bet is the trailer being released on June 1st which is a Friday.

Source: Jason Blum’s Twitter Account



Jordan Peele Nazi Drama Picked Up to Series at Amazon

“Drawing from real-life events, the 10-episode hour-long series will tell the story of a group of Nazi hunters living in New York City in 1977. David Weil (Moonfall) created the project, which is being produced by Peele's Monkeypaw Productions and Sonar Entertainment, and he also will write and serve as executive producer.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter



Florida city sends out fake ‘zombie’ alert during power outage

“The city of Lake Worth, Fla., sent out a false “zombie alert” to residents during a power outage.The Palm Beach Post reports that the message was sent around 1:45 a.m. on Sunday and read “zombie alert for Lake Worth and Terminus.”

Source: The Hill




Human Centipede’ Director Tom Six Returns This Fall With ‘The Onania Club,’ One of the ‘Most Vile Movie Experiences of All Time’

“While plot details are remaining a mystery, “The Onania Club” is set in Hollywood, California. The exclusive release promises the movie “will be one of the most vile, inhumane movie experiences of all time.” Anyone who has seen “The Human Centipede” films know Six can more than deliver on this promise. The movie is produced by Tom Six and Ilona Six through their Six Entertainment Company production banner.”

Source: IndieWire



Bruce Campbell Gives His Blessings to 'Evil Dead’ Franchise Continuing Without Him

Campbell took to Twitter in order to answer a fans concern regarding whether or not the Boomstick wielding hero would approve of the franchises continuation without his presence.

Source: Bruce Campbell's Twitter






Lake Placid: Legacy


Release: May 28th, 2018

Format: SyFy

Taking place several years after the events of the original film, Legacy finds the team of young explorers out to reveal the secrets of an area removed from modern day maps and hidden behind electric fences. However, once they reach the center of the lake, they discover an island that harbors an abandoned facility with a horrific legacy: the island is home to a deadly predator eager to feast on those dumb enough to ignore the warnings. But before they can turn back, our hapless heroes get dragged into a battle for their lives — and will need to work together if they hope to survive.








Release: May 29th, 2018

Format: Blu-ray

Area X has been cut off from the rest of the continent for decades. Nature has reclaimed the last vestiges of human civilization. The first expedition returned with reports of a pristine, Edenic landscape; the second expedition ended in mass suicide; the third expedition in a hail of gunfire as its members turned on one another. The members of the eleventh expedition returned as shadows of their former selves, and within weeks, all had died of cancer. In Annihilation, we join the twelfth expedition.







It Came From The Desert


Release: May 29th, 2018

Format: VOD

IT CAME FROM THE DESERT is a motocross action film with giant ants. The film is inspired by a cult video game from 80's made by Cinemaware.











Cold Skin


Release: June 1st, 2018

Format: VOD

On the edge of the Antarctic Circle, a ship approaches a desolate island far from all shipping lanes. On board is a young man, on his way to assume the post of weather observer, to live in solitude at the end of the earth. But on shore he finds no trace of the man whom he has been sent to replace, just a deranged castaway who has witnessed a horror he refuses to name. Then the night falls, and the young man will soon realize that with each night comes an army of humanoid killer amphibians


Source: Upcoming Horror Movies




Horror At The Box-Office



Not much has changed as opposed to last week. ‘Breaking In’ and ‘A Quiet Place’ are still slowly making their way down the top ten while 'Rampage’ has dropped into eleventh.

The biggest news to see is how 'Hereditary’ will rank come it's opening next weekend on June 8th. Considering it's being presented to us as one of the scariest films in years, I believe there’s going to be a fairly decent monetary gain coming to them, enough so to hopefully put horror on top of the rankings yet again!



Indie Support



Monroeville or Bust!

GEORGE A. ROMERO is the father of the film industry in Pittsburgh, and his work has inspired generations of artists around the world. Help us honor his legacy by installing a bronze memorial bust at Monroeville Mall on the 40th anniversary of the production of DAWN OF THE DEAD!

Source: Indiegogo





A Nun's Curse - horror feature film

Now is the chance to be a part of horror filmmaking history! Help us reach our goal to assist in the production of our brand new psychological slasher feature film, "A Nun's Curse", starring Felissa Rose and Damian Maffei!

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Community Spotlight



A few weeks ago, I told you about a time when I became fully disenchanted with commercial horror boxes that lacked originality, quality, or value. The first indie subscription box I discovered to fill the void in my horror heart was Creeper Crate — an extremely affordable monthly box of unique horror merchandise, bath and beauty products, enamel pins and accessories.

Unlike those other boxes, this one featured products form small businesses worth of support. I discovered this box on Instagram and had only missed a few boxes when I decided to sign up.

When the first box arrived, I was completely blown away. Finally! This was the kind of overwhelming satisfaction I had been looking for. It was as if the box had been curated especially for me, and every item was absolutely perfect.

Remarkably, almost unbelievably, each new box seemed to be better than the last. Since I ordered my first box, I’ve never missed a month. And I’ve never once thought of unsubscribing. While I may dip in and out of other subscriptions and try out other boxes, this is the one that I consider essential. This is the one I look forward to with the most anticipation.

Not only am I in love with this shop, but I’ve also grown incredibly fond of the owner. She is so kind and generous, incredibly supportive of her fellow indie and horror shop community, and just the most genuine person. She loves her customers and does everything she can to make sure each and every one of them is absolutely in love with everything she puts out and the service they receive.

Now, up until this point, this box was tailored primarily to women — with a great mix of horror and girly stuff like makeup and bath products. While I loved the feminine touch and all the great pampering products, I was thrilled to hear that the next box released — which happens to be an unbelievable Officially Licensed Vincent Price Box (approved by the Vincent Price Estate and Agency) — will be unisex!

I’m so curious and excited to see what kind of items will be included. And I’m really happy that an even broader audience will soon be able to appreciate these killer boxes.

You have until June 15th to pre-order the Price Box (no leftovers after that date) from the Creeper Crate website at Be sure to also follow the shop on Instagram at @creepercrate for the newest box themes and release dates.

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