Hey everyone!

So this week as some of you already know. Patricks Birthday is happening. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATRICK! We have 2 chock full episodes for you on Mon (out now) and Thursday.  Help us celebrate by sharing our podcast around. Let's get some new friends to the already amazing group we have! You guys rock.  

Also, I (Alex) wanted to start up a new blog on our LongLiveTheVoid.com Website to kind of fill you guys in. In case you miss it on Social media. Speaking of which if you don't already follow us... Be sure to click on the links below and ADD US! Your support is greatly appreciated. 

We appreciate the continued support and will be trying to make this new section updated daily.  If you ever have any suggestions or ideas we should use. Make sure you go to our "CONTACT" section at the top and send us your ideas! We love them. 

Thanks guys! More soon!

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