By Dr.LoveGore

By Dr.LoveGore


It's about that time… Hammer Time! Strap your toolbelt on and get your swinging hand ready, 'cause this week we're going over...


11 Hammer Kills/Bashings in Horror!


Death Scene Spoilers Ahead..


11. Sledge.gif

11. Sledge (2014)

‘Sledge’ has about 20% good going for it and 80% bad. It has a lame wraparound story.

There's a movie within the movie called... ‘Sledge’ and it's being watched by our… I guess you could say, main actress. The movie tries to be a modern day ‘Scream’ (1996). If you watch it, or have seen it, you know what I mean. There's a couple good hammer bashings to the head, though. The acting is an ear hair above average, unfortunately, that didn't save this movie. But again, it's all about the hammer bashing, baby.

#10 Phantasm.gif

10. Phantasm (1979)

Why not have a little levity leak on to this list? In 'Phantasm’, a main character, Mike, gets stuck under a car, and to inform his brother, Jody, he hits him in the toe with a hammer. Jody was clearly not wearing steel toe boots.

#9 The Toolbox Murders.gif

9. The Toolbox Murders (1978)

This one you'd think would end up higher on the list due to the title of the film, and even though there are bloody kills in this awesome film, the hammer kill may be the least brutal of them all. (But it's still good enough for this list.) One of the many things I like about this movie is, it doesn't play by the rules and I love that. Also, here's a little extra bit of information - this film was released before ‘Halloween’ (1978), it was not an imitation of the said film like most “slasher” films were that came out around that time.

#8 Halloween 2.gif

8. Halloween 2 (1981)

‘Halloween’ tried to be like ‘Psycho’. ‘Friday the 13th’ tried to be like ‘Halloween’ and ‘Halloween 2’ tried to be like ‘Friday the 13th’. Did I confuse you? I hope you can follow. ‘Halloween 2’ tried and succeeded in upping the gore and that's because, after ‘Friday the 13’ came out, most “slasher” movies went straight for the blood. Mmm… blood… tasty. Beeeeelch. Excuse me. I digress.

Michael Myers takes the back of hammer to a lumbering security guard's skull. The bashing comes equipped with a head-cracking sound.


7. Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981)

Speaking of the ‘Friday the 13th’ franchise, “Part 2” has a similar hammer claw kill to the dome that I personally think was better executed than the way 'Halloween 2’ did it. This movie got cut down a lot by the ratings board, but you can see the cop's agonizing grill piece after the claw of killer mistakes his head for a wall. Just kidding, Jason smashed that motha-fucka.

#6 The House On Sorority Row.gif

6. The House on Sorority Row (1982)

Alright! I finally warmed up to this movie and it only took me five views to get there. Here's why; the flick has good acting for a “slasher” film, I've always felt that way about it, but the first kill, although solid, is followed by mediocre, or off-screen kills. But, to the rescue, is this hammer kill I forgot about until the last time I watched it… it's quite grisly. I now, officially like ‘THOSR’, but I ain't betraying my pockets to purchase it… yet. Anyway, check out this awesome throat-slash, again, done with the claw of a hammer.

I'm Dr.LoveGore and I approve of this stupid, conniving, murderous bitch's death scene.

#5 Saw 4.gif

5. Saw IV (2007)

The ‘Saw’ series, beginning with 'Saw 4’ started doing what cheap, dirty hookers do for money… it started going down. In all fairness, Darren Lynn Bousman directed this one, but even he couldn't save some of the mediocre dialog in this film. Lucky for us, the gore was good and plenty, Check out this hard-swinging, hammer hit to this big, bald melon of a head.

#4 The Human Centipede 2.gif

4. The Human Centipede 2 - Full Sequence (2011)

This one is my favorite of the three THC (wow, never abbreviated the title before) movies for a few reasons. I like the black & white touch, the movie was shot very well, and the five people I watched it with had looks on their faces that made me smile. I know… I'm seeking mental help as we speak. I just keep finding psychiatrists that happen to hang themselves after a session with me. Oh, poor me, I'll just have to keep watching fucked up movies like this one. This hammer to the teeth scene gets me grinding my teeth every time I see it. I can't even watch a toothpaste commercial after watching this scene.

#3 Hellraiser.gif

3. Hellraiser (1987)

In the early 2000's, one of the few “Blockbuster” stores left open (at least in my area) had ‘Hellraiser’ on dvd and I had never seen it, but desperately wanted to. At the time, I didn't like renting movies because, if I liked them, I would buy them afterwards and the rental meant I spent more money on them. (I would gamble and blind buy, usually.) 'Hellraiser’ was worth the extra dough, though. I didn't expect to go for the merry-go-round ride I went for. The cenobites didn't even disturb me. Shirtless... I mean, skinless Frank, and Julia the hammer-swinger, did. I honestly felt bad for a couple of these sad fuckers that Julia killed.

"Oooh, boobies!!!" Crack to the head!!!!

“No boobies!” Split jaw!!!

#2 Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.gif

2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)

I could of chosen almost any TCM movie for a good hammer or sledge to the kopf, but I chose “Part 2” because, even though it's dark comedy, the beating of this shit-kicking, straw-chewing, cowboy hat wearing, floor-spitting bastard felt so real and agonizing. Chop Top unloads on this guy's face just so he has something to do while Leatherface is supposedly fuckin D.J. Stretch with his chainsaw. The cowboy, at least, spits in Chop Top's face while he's being beaten to death, right before the mandatory leg-twitch.


1. Kill List (2010)

#1 Kill List.gif

Number 1 is a “serious approach” movie everybody was talking about when it was new. People still talk about it, actually. It's a ruthless story and this hammer scene always stuck out to me and probably everybody who watched it. Don't fuck with a mentally disturbed, British, ex-soldier, or any soldier for that matter. Watch this movie and wince, or in the meantime, watch this GIF and piss your pants… not from laughing so hard, from sheer fear. Ehhh, I doubt this dude needed his skull.💀


Honorable Non Horror Mention


Casino (1995)


Not a hard kill, but a good smashing.

This is Dr.LoveGore and I'm going to Home Depot to buy hammers in bulk. Have a nice week, guys!



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