By Dr.LoveGore

By Dr.LoveGore


We take our body parts for granted, that's for sure. Seeing dismemberment of any of the limbs on the human body can cause a man or woman to think...”how would it be to live limbless?” It's a scary question, but that's what us Horror fans do with Horror Movies, we face our fears!
So, with that I give you...

10 Dismembered Arms In Horror


In No Particular Order

Spoilers AHEAD!

10 The Mangler.gif

10. The Mangler (1995)

A giant washing machine is coming to fold your bones. That sounds unpleasant...doesn't it? This movie goes there. It's a Stephen King book but I never read it so I don't know how faithful the film is. The blood and butchery looks cool, but I didn't feel for any of the characters. I respect Tobe Hooper, but the characters in this film do seem to almost deserve being pressed and folded due to their dumb decisions. Which brings me to our first arm dismemberment.


9. Deep Blue Sea (1999)

I don't know why this movie disturbed me, but it did. I felt bad for Jim the Scientist when the super intelligent shark ate his arm. Furthermore, he was still alive, falling into the shark's tank. The bastard shark then has a field day with poor Jim. Well, at least Sam Jackson's death scene had me squabbling with my co-viewers.

8. American Mary.gif

8. American Mary (2012)

The Soska Sisters kick anus. I love me some Soska Sisters movies. I'm looking forward to their "Rabid" remake even though I feel they deserve to do original material. "See No Evil 2" has a strong reputation, "American Mary" on the other arm kicks a bit harder. This prick deserves what Katharine Isabelle's "Mary" does to him. “Mary” performs some home surgery and leaves her abuser with nothing left to wipe his ass with...and I don't mean she threw away all his toilet paper.

7. Dead Snow.gif

7. Dead Snow (2009)

"Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead" stole the show a bit from it predecessor. The original "Dead Snow" is a hoot though! Martin has to chainsaw his arm off which basically turned out to be for nothing. It's a bloody and hysterical watch. It also leads to some fun stuff in the sequel. I like to give the original the reverence it deserves because it's usually left in the dust ever since Red vs. Dead got released. Give the original another chance. The blood squirts and gushes.


6. Sleepaway Camp 3 (1989)

What happens when an 80's nerd tries to fuck Pamela Springsteen? She ties his arms behind a tree, then to the back of a jeep and proceeds to drive off! Who needs a horse for this shit?


5. Saw 6 (2009)

Most of the "Saw" movies didn't have me cringing with the exception of a few scenes. This scenes is one of though exceptions. The arm being chopped is harsh and looks painful as motha fuckin hell, but the slicing of the stomach blubber is a visual I can feel as I'm watching it. I know I should be talking more about the arm being cut off and I will now. The scene of the victim Simone in the hospital with her arm nub is fierce to say the least. The psychology of it may be worse knowing you had to cut your own arm off yourself!

#4 Hatchet.gif

4. Hatchet (2007)

Slasher movies are so fun. Even death scenes of likable characters can put a smile on a fan's face. Marcus is the smartest and one of the funniest characters in the film, but unfortunately, he's not the fastest and Victor Crowley cracks his back for him while ripping his arms off. Actor Deon Richmond's death fall looks really good, he gave a realistic death expression.

3 The Thing.gif

3. The Thing (1982)

This movie must have been too much for people to handle back in 1982. It has a lot of carefully done SFX like the mighty Slasher films that were dominating the Horror genre at the time, but the characters were taken seriously and played completely straight. Yeah, it's an alien morphing into anything it consumes, death scenes like this though are very hard to watch if you can't handle someone really reacting as if their arms just got bitten off by a stomach with teeth.

#2 The Evil Dead.gif

2. The Evil Dead (1981)

A deadite that chews its own arm off is nothing to roll your eyes at...unless you scoop them out and really roll them on the ground. That visual is certainly something I wouldn't put past any movie that has “Evil Dead” in the title. Anyway, I've seen some people laugh at the SFX in this movie, and others get it. These FX were well done for 1979. The arm gnawing still leaves me unsettled every time I feel the need to watch the movie.


1. Halloween 3: Season of the Witch (1982)

1 Halloween 3_ Season of the Witch.gif

Possibly the most creative dismembered arm on this list because, the character Ellie isn't what she appears to be. As much as her severed arm can be dangerous though, train it right and it could probably do wonders in the bedroom, too!

After all, she was Tom Atkins love interest.


Honorable Non Horror Movie Mentions

Kill Bill

Kill Bill.gif



I'm Dr.LoveGore encouraging ya'll to wave and be nice to one another while you still have both your arms. Peace✌


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