By Dr.LoveGore

By Dr.LoveGore

Since we just celebrated the 4th of July and watched a ton of fireworks go off. I figured why not keep that theme running and point out horror movie scenes that EXPLODE! Of course, these can be basic explosions, or heads explosions, as long as something is exploding. In other words, fire is not required.


Top 10 Bogus Explosions from Horror Movies

Spoilers AHEAD!


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Deadly Friend

I didn't say these explosions had to make sense, I just wanna see some limbs and heads explode!!! Wes Craven, for a philosopher didn't seem to do much thinking about this scene.
Before Anne Ramsey was in "Throw Momma From the Train" she was in Wes Craven's "Deadly Friend" or as it could have been called..."Bash Momma in the Face...with a basketball.


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Chopping Mall

Run, woman run! Or better yet, stand there so we can watch your head be everywhere except the top of your shoulders!!!! Ever see a robot shoot a laser and blow up somebody's head? Look no further!!!


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Scream 3

A Wes Craven film again, and not on purpose. This character might as well be a mongoloid. I like "Scream 3 better than "Scream 2".  However,  as explosive (haha) as this scene is, I always felt this dude's decision would not have been made by any conscious human, or dog, or goldfish, or grisly bear. You get my point, I'm sure. This character is  a fucking idiot.



Number 7.gif


Blade 2

Norman Fetus...uh I mean Reedus, played a man boy years before his 'The Walking Dead" days.  Even a few years before he was on "Masters of Horror" as a heroin addict who overdoses. Anyway, Captain Cool here gets his shit blown to pieces. I hope the vampires in "Blade 2" sucked up what used to be this motha fucka's flesh up off the floor.



Number 6.gif



"Scanners" was an obvious one. Whether you've seen it or not which you probably have, you and the rest of the world probably know this image. It's  of this bastard's head exploding as if his brain's a grenade.



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Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers

This one also makes no sense whatsoever.  Much like the basketball to the face in "Deadly Friend", it just looks so darn cool. Yes, this scene just made a man that loves to say the word "fuck" say "darn" because I wanted to be just as random as this fucker's head going bye bye.



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Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare

Yup, this movie sucks compared to the original. Nope, it's not scary. Yes, Freddy does cartwheels exposing he wears undershirts under his sweater. Why? I don't fuckin know. But this movie does have a girl stick dynamite in Kruger's chest causing him to spit a one word, "Kids".  Then of course explode as one face comes out of another? You bet your fuckin ass it does.




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I actually have always thought bears are scarier than gorillas or even lions.  Even though all of those animals would eat me and shit me out no problem. "Grisly" is a movie that makes B-Movie lovers wish the B stood for Bear for all these flicks. Check it out and see what I'm talking about.



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What to say about a movie that's been talked about since its release in 1975. How about, "if I could I would own a pet shark as big as this Bruce motha fucka"? I'd like to point out how humorous the music sounds in this movie.  I'm not sure if it's due to decades worth of parodies or not. One part of this movie that will always remain as effective as it always was, especially if you watch from the beginning and make it to the end, is the final blow to Jaws aka Bruce.
"Die, you son of a....!!!!!!!"



Number 1.gif


Final Destination 2

Hahahaha! Poor Brian... He escaped death through the help of a pathetic coke fiend only to not be able to make it through his final bbq cookout.  Then to top it off,  rubs it in the mother's face with his crispy, smoking hand where her hot plate of food should be. Mmm mmm scrumptious.


Honorable Non Horror Mentions

Tropic Thunder.

Pulp Fiction

Wedlock (Deadlock)

Video Game Mention
Raiden's Brutality "Inside You" from MKX.


This is Dr.LoveGore of and I'll see you guys next week with another Horror Movie list! Hope they you all had a Happy 4th of July! Take care!


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