Mike Saga returns for a Graveplots that will infect your mind. “High FreakQuency”. Is a story abou a hacker who finds a military frequency that was used to control peoples minds and make them act out their worst nightmares. We also take a pickle back “Saga Smash” #horrorshot that fails miserably. Find out all about this weeks BTV episode. We hope you enjoy!

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“High Freakquency” (Graveplot by Mike Saga)

When a hacker decides to hack into a military base to see what they got. He stumbles upon a audio file that can control peoples minds. After he wakes up after trying to climb his walls and meowing like a cat.. He realizes that if you combine this signal with forms of media people will act out characters in movies, music and more. When he gets upset he boosts the frequency too high and people become infected with a sentient sound that physically is changes people into your worst nightmares. “Once you hear it you become the.. HIGH FREAKQUENCY!”




“Saga Smash” (Mike Saga)

¾ Whiskey

tiny spoon of watermelon chunks / liquid

¼ Pickle Juice







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