This week we take on a listeners movie title submission called.. “10 Red Tears in the Cage of the Salamander”. Crazy name? You betcha and it's a pretty great story that we made up for complete with sound fx in the story! The story is about a scientist who does experiments on Red Heads to grow back appendages on people but it goes horribly wrong. Pretty awesome stuff. We also jump into the news this past week and discuss about Ash Vs. Evil Dead and the Oscars. Find out about all this on this weeks BTV episode. We hope you enjoy!

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So grab your weird slime, don't forget your raincoat and be sure to bring your four fingered gloves as we travel Beyond The Void!


Artwork by Alex King

Artwork by Alex King


“10 Red Tears in the Cage of the Salamander” (Title submitted by Justin Thiele )

After clubbing with her friends Christine is abducted by 4 fingered man with a appetite for caging red heads in his sewer. When Christine awakes she finds that she is not alone but she is one of ten who are undergoing strange experiments. Will she and the others escape the clutches of the Salamander King and his rejects? Find out in our movie that pays a heavy homage to the italian Giallo and monster films. In this weeks #GravePlots!

Don't miss this weeks #Graveplots it's one for the books.

"Final Battle of the Dark Wizards" Kevin MacLeod (
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No Horrorshot this week but don't you worry will got something for you next one!


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1. James Gunn returning to horror.

2. Ash Vs. Evil Dead Ratings are plummeting

3. Not exactly horror but.. ‘Lowlife’ Trailer looks fucking amazing. Watch it.

4. The Strangers Prey at night hit theaters this past week.

5. Actress from Martyrs Directors new movie Ghostland is suing over permanent scarring.

6. Oscars yielded a few winners light brushing the horror genre.

Get Out - Best Original Screenplay. Peele became the first black writer to win in his category.

The Shape of Water - Best Picture, Best Director for Guillermo del Toro, Best Original Score, composed by Alexander Desplat. Best Production Design


7. Tobe Hooper not included in memorium. Nor Adam West. George Romero did though.

8. Alien Predators (Aka The Falling) is coming to BLU RAY!!! Scream Factory.


Movies We talk about this Thursday!

Only this Graveplots this week! But we will be back with a full week next week.