This week we get all HOLIDAY SLASHER on you guys! That's right this weeks #GravePlots is about “The Yuletide Strangler” about a guy that strangles his victims with razor wire and chain mail gloves. Pretty awesome! Also we talk about some of the past weeks news and make up a Mr & Mrs Claus “Killer Claus” #horrorshot as a pregame for this weeks Thursday episode on “Secret Santa” (2016) and “Once Upon A Time at Christmas” (2017). So tune in and freak out!



So grab your candy cane mask, don't forget your chain male gloves and be sure to grab your razor wire as we travel Beyond The Void!


Cover for "The Yuletide Strangler" by Alex King

Cover for "The Yuletide Strangler" by Alex King

GRAVEPLOTS “The Yuletide Strangler”

After a child sees his family gunned down and accidentally decapitated by razor wire in front of him by the Police. He grows up to become one of the most depraved serial cop killers this world has ever seen. 20 years later after Brian Rutger (one of the young beat cops who tried to stop the police from killing the boys family) becomes a detective and bumps into a series of cop killings by strangulation or decapitation. The Killer has fashioned razor wire to choke, cut and decapitate his victims. Soon he finds out that these cops have been targeted by a 20 year old mistake. Will Brian be able to stop the strangler or will he get caught in the razor sharp web of “The Yuletide Strangler”. Find out in this weeks #Graveplots NOW! “It's the most violent time of the year!”

An alcoholic shot made by us for the movie "Once Upon a time at Christmas"

An alcoholic shot made by us for the movie "Once Upon a time at Christmas"


“Killer Claus” [Once Upon A Time At Christmas]

1 part Captain Morgan Spiced Rum

1 part Malibu Rum

1 part Peppermint Schnapps

1 part Kahlua





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NEWS Check out the links!


Billion dollar conjuring lawsuit has ended.

Shelly finklestein part 3 in F13 game


Beyond Skyline is out now in select theaters and VOD.


Andy Muschietti of it won bid on New Apocalypse movie.

Ai Image to Image Translation (self driving cars) Fascinating stuff here!

video on how it works
research paper on how it works


Movies We talk about this Thursday!

Secret Santa (2016)


Once Upon a Time At Christmas (2017)