Welcome back to PART 2 of Ep43 A Lotta Henenlotter If you haven't listened to Part 1 you can listen to it here https://soundcloud.com/btvcast/btv-ep43-part-1-dating-a-horror-fan-6_5_17

This Thursday Patrick returns and we dive into our Flesh and Potatoes Segment of “A Lotta Henenlotter”. 2 awesome movies shot in New York City by Director / Writer Frank Henenlotter. As he's always said. He's always said “I never felt that I made 'horror films', I always felt that I a made exploitation films” What do you guys think? Exploitation or Horror films? We talk briefly about Alex watching “Raw” recently. Spoiler free of course. Also the space alien movie “LIFE” briefly as well too.

Then we kick off (in order) with Henenlotters first feature film “Basket Case” (1982) about a brother who seeks vengeance for the unwanted surgery that separated him from his deformed conjoined twin brother. Plenty of Blood and lots of laughs. Inadvertent or not. This movie started it all for Henenlotter. It also brought film makers out of nowhere to make movies.

Then we finish it off with “Brain Damage” (1988) a wildly psychedelic drug spurting dildo shaped blue creature with the intellect of a wise man forces a New York kid out of his apartment to do his bidding. After the kid gets addicted things get really weird. Part comedy part genius. All Henenlotter. We dissect it with care.

So grab your conjoined twin , don't forget your buckets of water and be sure to grab your blue turd shaped dildo that talks as we travel Beyond The Void!


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Basket Case (1982)

Brain Damage (1988)



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